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:cat: HI,
i am new here. my name is craig. i am married to my only wife
of twenty years. i have three teen-age sons. we have two cats and
one hybrid dog.
i am a fourth generation, professional baker. i work at
panera bread :cup: [edited by Yeshua: links used only with permission] bread.com, and
whole foods market :rainbow: [edited by Yeshua: links used only with permission] .
we attend zion christian church [edited by Yeshua: links used only with permission] .
my favorite singers are:
bruce cockburn :note2:www.cockburnproject.net
larry norman:note: www.larrynarman.com

my favorite pastime is reading, i enjoy the following (in no particular order)
mark twain, paul johnson, thomas merton, john michael talbot,mitch alblum.
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Staff Member
Thank you for joining Craig. Hope you enjoy the site
hey Bageldad, I tried your bread site but no go, I love bread. Would love some recipes if you care to share. I don't know what panera bread is...help...
Welcome Bageldad , Glad To Hear From You ! Hope To Talk Soon ... Big-brother