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Greetings from Pakistan

Dear Brothers and Sisters,:boy_hug:
Hi this is Javed 29 years old Christian male from Pakistan, It is pleasure to join this Christian Forum, I would love to share with you all little about me and my work in Pakistan and little about the Pakistani Christians and thier situation being a Christian in Pakistan.
I am working for the Children here in Pakistan and particularly for the Christian Children who need great attention and who need more of ours focus to grow in the Lord our Jesus Christ.
Here is something a little about me and the family of mine and after that I will let you know about the Children we are working for and about the Ministry in details.
We are six members in the family - two brothers and two sisters. I also told you a little about my country. This is a Muslim country where we are discriminated for being Christians. We are not given the opportunity of jobs. There is only one job for the Christians and that is as Sanitary Workers and on that is the tragedy that they are paid so less that leaves them unable to make the both ends meet and they even have to go with out food for days together. With food I do not mean the food that you have or it is not even a balanced food. They do not even get food to live on.
There are Christians at other posts also but that is just as little as anything else.
I am happy that God is using me and some people with me to embark upon this great task assigned to us by the Lord our Jesus Christ.
To bring my this motive I organized the Ministry that I have shared with you about. Yes this is “Little Disciples”. I take this Ministry to be my own kid and feel great satisfaction in doing things about them making them able to lead to the destination they deserve.
For three days a week we conduct classes for children about Biblical knowledge along with helping them with formal education. With help of people who met in this forum, we all group has been able to do more for the welfair of children to the grace and glory of God. I am grateful to you for your all moral support and prayers for the growth of our Ministry in the long run of our organizational work.
Your appreciation is highly needed and greatly valued.
Yours in Christ,


"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Welcome Javy, it is so fulfilling to do God's work daily isn't it? Praise God for His faithfulness in all things. Be blessed my brother and continue glorifying Him in all you do. God bless.
Your sister,
Welcome Javy ! Let The Name Of Jesus Be Preached In All The World !!! The Lord Watches Over All Who Put Their Trust In Him . I Am Looking Forward To Hearing All That God Is Doing In Your Ministry . The Word Promises , That God Will Supply All Your Needs In Christ Jesus Our Lord . I Pray For Gods Protection And Wisdom In All You Do . In Him All Things Were Created , And For Him All Things Were Made . Praise The Name Of Jesus Forever ... Brothersinarmst4g
Staff Member
Welcome Javy and thanks for joining. Keep up your great work for the Lord!
Welcome Javy.
Glad to have you here.