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Greetings fellow Jesus followers.

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Follower, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. My name is Frank and I have been a believer for forty years this coming fall. When He came I had no idea what was happening since I was not going to any church neither had I association with any denomination or religion. He convicted me, though I had no idea what that was, only that it was excruciatingly painful. I pleaded for forgiveness and came to know, through searching the Scriptures, that I had been born again, saved, made a new creation by the great creator Himself, Jesus, king of kings and Lord of Lords.

    Then He filled me with His Holy Spirit as in the book of Acts. Again turning to the Scriptures I searched this out and found His word both in old and new testaments to be abundantly enlightening. Not ever having been lectured before on what God could or couldn't, would or wouldn't do, I received everything He sent to me. We have had many Miracles by His mighty hand over the years and look to Him for everything.

    Doctors said we couldn't have children since my wife's body killed my seed on contact. It was after fourteen years of marriage not long after I was born again when the Holy Spirit began speaking to us saying He was going to send us a son. He told me in prayer one day as I prayed in the spirit and He gave me the interpretation. In short He said He'd done it. We went to the lab and they said it was a nice positive result. My wife went out and bought a baby book and we wrote his name in it, Nathan Matthew. He was born nearly nine months later. He is a grown man today serving God.

    This is but one of the many Miracles Jesus has done for us. Miracles from God are wondrous but there is a price to pay. He alone strengthens us to follow Him.

    We depend on Him daily, hourly for our very breath. May we please the master in all things.

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  2. Hello Frank welcome to our community! Thank you for sharing a little of your testimony. God is awesome and its encouraging to read posts like these. A good reminder that God acts even when we're unaware of what's going on behind the scenes.
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  3. Greetings Frank,

    Grace and Peace in Jesus Christ the Lord.

    Bless you ....><>
  4. Welcome to Talk Jesus Frank
    Hope you find fellowship while here.
    Thank-you for your testimony.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  5. Welcome to Talk Jesus Frank @Follower

    Thank you for sharing a little of what the Lord has done for you.

    Enjoy the online forums and fellowship.

    In Him was life; and the life was the light of men
    John 1:4
  6. @Follower
    Welcome to the forum and give God the glory!
  7. Great Testimony! Glad that your here in this group. I just joined as well.

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