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Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

Greetings in the glorious, victorious, mighty name of Jesus! I am new to this site but was actually refered to it by someone who goes by the handle of "joy" whom I met at Bible Place some time back. She said I would find like minded, God-fearing, God-seeking, God-loving brothers and sisters in Christ here whom I could praise, worship and pray with! Ah, God is sooo good and everything he does is good! Amen?! Amen!
Hi kindsfater, Amen - our God is sooooooo good. He is an awesome God.

Welcome to Talk Jesus!

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Hi and welcome to Talk Jesus

Hope you enjoy the fellowship:star:

Your sister in Christ,

Thanks you guys for the welcome! AlabasterBox, I truly enjoyed our time in chat earlier this morning and praise God for your testimony! Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. I will lift you and your fam up to the Lord knowing that He will continue to guide your son's footsteps along the straight and narrow! God bless and keep you all! Off to enjoy a time of prasie, worship, prayer and Word in the Lord's house....
Welcome Kindsfater; may you be blessed here and a blessing to others. Surely the children's father would have it so, that his only begotten son might be the fullness that fills all in all. Good to meet you the other night: peace be with you.
Holdfast! Amen! Right on! I read your "still searching" post and was stirred up brother! Thank you for the welcome. I am actually a sister altho I know my handle is somewhat misleading. :) God bless us both as we continue to search and seek Him and His people out! Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and His righteousness, an all these things will be added unto you! (Matthew 6:33).
Dice, it was good to meet you as well! Our time of fellowship and testimony with Alabaster, vagabond, JJ and all was awesome! God was with us! Thank you for the welcome! God bless you brother!
welcome kindsfater! I think you will continue to enjoy your time here at talk Jesus.. Hopefully I will get into live chat sometime soon too ..

Joyfully ~ Jlu
Hey Dreamer/joy!!!! :girl_hug: Thanks for the welcome sister and letting me know about this site! It is truly awesome, just as you said! I'm praying for you and the fam! Love you in Him!