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Greetings Brethren

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by InChristOnly, Sep 24, 2017.


Do you believe in Continuationism OR Cessationism?

  1. Continuationist

  2. Cessationist

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  3. Unsure - because it's not in the bible

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  4. Unsure - because you don't understand the question

  1. My name is Licia, I live in California in the Bay Area, and I am excited to be in a forum that's Christ Centered. I look forward to posting and learning from all of you. I pray the LORD blesses this forum and allows His Holy Spirit to be moved though our conversations.

    Matthew 18:20
    For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
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  2. Greetings and welcome,

    I've got no idea what continuationism or cessationism mean.
    I do know that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    Bless you ....><>
  3. Welcome to Talk Jesus @InChristOnly
    Always a joy to welcome another Sister in Christ Jesus to this online Christian Community!
    And may I add an Evangelist at that! Alleluia :)
    Just so you know I Loved your testimony.
    When Jesus comes into ones life, He does Make Change Happen!

    Once again be welcome.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.

    To your question: Is there any doubt that the Holy Spirit is still at work? Never. Wonder Working Power!
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  4. @InChristOnly

    One important thing is shown in your chosen name for this forum. You need to get in his name and to stay there always. A tall order and quite impossible for any one of us alone, but for God in us nothing is impossible. People usually miss the mark on this because they don't realize how easy it is to quench the Spirit of God. When we do that we are NOT in His name.
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  5. Amen. It is not important as long as we believe Jesus is LORD! I am just trying to figure out what's on most Christian's mind regarding this doctrine.


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  6. SORRY for my many replies, I am still learning how to use the form. Blessings in Christ!
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  7. Thank you for the warm welcome! God is so good for bringing us fellowship, I know we are all called to be Evangelists but I am proud to be a vessel for His glory. I pray that the Holy Spirit will lead me to the right places to spread His truth in His time.

    Praise God!! Amen, God makes all things new......

    Love in Christ,
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  8. I am saved by His grace alone, and we do need to pray daily to God to not lead us into temptations and get us through them.

    No it's never good to quench the Holy Spirit of God and thanks be to God that in 1 John it says that we have an advocate with the Father which is Jesus Christ the righteous. Those who are filled with the Spirit of God lives through the spirit and dies to the flesh daily.
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  9. Licia
    Praying that our Father will always have you where whatever you put your hand to will flourish to His Glory and Praise.

    Evangelist are greatly needed during these darkening times. So my prayers for you are not only as a brother to a sister in Christ Jesus, but also as a front line warrior in faith!

    With the love of Christ Jesus.
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  10. Hello @InChristOnly welcome to TJ. Please share it with others on social media.
  11. Greetings,

    perhaps not being led into temptation is one way of dying to the flesh, daily?

    Bless you ....><>
  12. Welcome to the forum. The gifts were given to help us, and I am sure that we still need that help still today. I dont see God taking away something from us that is for our good.
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  13. Hi Br. Bear! When I say the LORD's prayer, I am sincere when I am asking the LORD to not lead me into temptation, because it is always by His Grace that I am able to not sin.

    I think the enemy will try to lead us into temptations, but maybe sometimes God allows it (like in Job) but it is partially my ability - or decision - to not give in, to the flesh, in order not to sin and also I know scripture says that God never gives us more than we can handle.

    What do you think?

  14. AMEN Thank you so much brother!
  15. OK, I will use it more and try to share it- God bless you!
  16. Amen, I don't either. I want to have the Holy Ghost FIRE and whatever Jesus was able to do, since we are the Children of GOD. Though not perfect, we have an advocate which is Christ Jesus. AND now we also have the Holy Spirit! I am praying for those gifts to manifest through my ministry, for the glory of God.
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  17. Greetings Licia,

    I think you'll find that if we consider that Jesus began the lesson in prayer with the word, "Our" and then "us", we begin to understand what He was teaching.
    Too often we forget that it is a prayer for us to our Father and we go about the day thinking only of our selves and our personal needs (or wants).

    May I also encourage you to read the whole of Matthew chapter 6?
    Note the verse before and after verse 13 and read on to the end. Go back over the whole chapter. There is a lot to do with a) Forgiveness and b) things that are temptations and those things have adverse effects on our ability and readiness and sincerity in forgiveness.

    Bless you ....><>
  18. I'm in the same camp with you, Brother Bear. I was going to have to go look them up. But, I think "unsure" was one of our choices. I do think I have heard of them before, but I don't recall what they mean, so I will read further, and maybe I can learn about them here.
  19. Ok, I think I remember now. These (in the poll) have to do with the gifts of the Spirit, right? Whether some or all still exist?
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  20. @InChristOnly - I do like your screen name. I so agree! Glad to have you here. I will look for what you write on here. I look forward, too, to fellowshipping with you, In Christ, and to learning about your walk of faith in Christ Jesus. Sue

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