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Greetings and Salutations

Greetings *tips top hat*
i am Gothic_Whisper. just another n00b.
I am a Christian and I hate discribing my self, but i'll give it a go. i supose a more used label to call me is Goth or not-a-goth-goth, i honestly don't really care any more, labels don't bother me they are just names. I'm my own person and I don't care what other people think about me, this is life and I live it. I'm usualy dubed the freak, I do a lot of things that are odd to most people. I like to speak my mind, and generaly try to be nice to people. "A person who is nice to you and rude to the waiter, is not a nice person." I work at a movie theatre and I enjoy my job, I also like to be creative in everything I do. If people don't like me and won't talk to me becuase of how I dress or what I wear, I firgure it was well worth it.

Hey Gothic_whisper. At first I thought your name was rather odd for a christian. but then after reading your discription, i see where you're getting at. We have a lot in common though.. that's interesting. I dont really care what people think about me, how I dress and look and all. about being different, i give you a high five. it's ok to be different, it's kinda cool too:). People give me a hard time about it sometimes, but I live with it, after all, is there a sin in being unique and different? I also like to be straight up honest with everyone. that's so cool. I look forward to talking to you in chat sometimes and seeing you around. by the way, Welcome To TalkJesus:), GOd bless you girl, bye
Staff Member
God bless you Whisper. Thank you for joining us and being part of Talk Jesus as a family!

Hope to chat with you around the forums
Welcome to talkjesus . Remember , it is a talkjesus site ! You speak you're mind at 17 years old is a bad start to you're learning . Keep it Jesus ! Nobody care's about the Gothic movement . Brother Mike :shade: