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greetings all

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by rut, Nov 23, 2017.


do girls in your area attend church xervices?

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    My name is Ruth and I'm new to the forum. I'm a Christian and will like to talk to other Christians especially women to share my sad experience in life with and I know they can encourage me.

    I'm a single girl of 32 and live with a friend who is a Christian and took me to the church.

    Please any one can write to me directly using my personal email below

    I promise to write to anyone who writes to me soon. Sorry I do not have a personal Computer at the moment or phone that
    is using internet, but I'm using a hire Computer to send emails.

    Thank you. Please pray for me in my new faith.

    Love in Christ,

    Ruth Michael.
  2. Welcome to Talk Jesus @rut

    Always a joy to welcome another Sister in Christ Jesus to this online Community of Christian Believers!

    I've removed your e-mail from view. This is for every ones protection. Though there are many Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus here at Talk Jesus who are trust worthy. That is not always the case for those who come here to cause conflict and trouble amongst the Body of Christ.

    However, anyone desiring to correspond with you can first contact you through a Private Message (PM) and then you can share you e-mail address in private after careful consideration. Sadly, the times that we live in do require caution.

    Also, there is a forum here at Talk Jesus that is just for women that you can also use to communicate with your Sisters in Christ Jesus, without us Men intruding. :)

    Women's Forum

    So, once again be welcome Sister Ruth Michael!!

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  3. Welcome to the forum. May God help you in your faith. I am also joining in prayer for you.
  4. Many blessings to you Ruth!
  5. hi everyone please write to me

    thank you

    Hi brother , thank you for welcoming me to the Christian community forum.I'm glad I can talk to believers and those who put Christ in the center of their lives.Sorry I had to add my email address that time because I thought it is safe any anyone desiring to write can do so. But thank you for removing it.

    I'm not going to check or make a post daily. The reason is that I have no Computer or phone that is browsing the internet at the moment, but as time goes on I think I will be able to access your site daily.

    There are so many women and girls here who needs to know what is going on in the Christian community and among women. They have no opportunity to access your forum site, but I trust the Lord to use me to let them know what is going on.

    I'm a Christian and a born again to the core, although I live in an evil country where spiritual darkness is so great. Many do not go to Church and knows nothing about Jesus Christ . Even those who claim to go to the church are not honest. Some people just believe that there is no God and so they follow man made God.

    My life is full of testimonies of God's love , though I had pains and disappointment when I was growing up as a child.My mother died instantly after she delivered me without a father. But a women took care of me and at the age of 10, she move to Ghana from Nigeria with me.

    At age 12 she abused me sexually and hang charm on my waist asking me not to tell any person or allow any man or woman to have sex with me except her alone.

    I cried and asked her are you not my mother and why are you doing these things to me? She told me the circumstances of my birth and how she decided to adopt me.

    Although she sent me to the best school in Ghana, but uses me to perform the evil act any time she desired.

    We did not go to church as she told me that church people are lairs and there is nothing like God.

    After my high school, she sent me to college at the age of 18, there I met a girl whom we became friends. So one day she invited me to her home. Well to be very brief, she drug the mineral and I slept off after drinking and she too deviled me and remove the charm from my waist .

    When I got home my so call mother discovered that the charm is not there again and she beat me to death and asked me to take her to the person who did such thing to me and that she will kill the person.

    That night at age 20 I ran away to another location because I did not want her to kill that girl. Well God gave another woman to take care of me, but still her son wanted to devour me sexually after two years and I left, but before then I had learn the trade of sewing and designing clothes for children and adults since I was working for her in the sewing shop.

    At age 26, I had to return to Nigeria without knowing the exactly city or village I come from and without a home to live in. But God showed me mercy and allow a Christian girl to take me to her house and I'm living with her and we go to a local church together and pray a lot.

    I have already been baptist and God is working in my life. Although I have no work yet, but I believe that one day God will give me favor to buy a sewing machine and rent a small place to start my sewing work.

    Me and my friend have decided to keep ourselves as a holy temple to God. Other girls our age are into prostitution , cheating and lying to get money. But we are not doing such. God has promise us a bight future if we put him first in all our doing.

    Please my friend, I'm a sincere Christian woman who desire to know other true Christians and share with them and have them to encourage me in the faith.

    Thank you and will love to talk to you or anyone who send me any message. please I'm 32 years now and single.

    Can I add my picture to my profile? How can I do that? let me know please.
    Love in Christ,

    Ruth Michael.
  6. Thank you my brother in Christ for your prayers. I believer in prayers a lot and that is what keeps me alive. God bless you.

    Love in Christ,

    Ruth Michael.
  7. Great to hear from you. My heart is fill with joy hearing from sincere Christians who have true love for one another. God be with you.

    Love in Christ,

    Your sister,

    Ruth Michael.
  8. That is true. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loose his soul.What can we give in exchange for our soul?

    I have gone through hell as I was growing up. Falling away from God without a family, mother or father, without some to lead me to the true path, but today, God has shown me the way and that is what I will follow to the end.

    All I need from brethren is your prayers and words of encouragement daily.. God will surely perfect things in my life soon.
    Thank you.

    Love always in Christ,

    Ruth Michael.
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  9. @rut
    Thank-you for sharing your testimony with all here.

    I hope the following will help in being able to add an Avatar of your liking.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.

    To change your Avatar you can do the following:

    > Go to your “Personal Details” page. Do this by clicking on the Avatar which for you will be blank, at the top right of any page.

    > Then you’ll see where it says “Click the image to change your avatar.” It will provide you an option to select an image of your choosing that you have on the Computer that you are using.

    I hope this helps you in uploading a picture of your choosing.
  10. Hi sister Ruth, pleased to ''meet'' you. Hopefully we can get to know each other better. Thank you for sharing your testimony: God has truly sustained you, for which I praise and thank Him. Were you saved at age 26 when you returned to Nigeria, then?
  11. Hi, Ruth. Thank you for sharing your story. My heart aches for you and for all you have gone through. I am so sorry. But I am so so thankful that God has brought you out of the darkness and transferred you into HIs glorious light! I know that God will do great things through you, sister! What Satan has meant for evil in your life will be used for His glory and for salvation for many and for your good, too. I know that God will provide for all of your needs and He will go before you and make a way. Sometimes, He has different plans for us than what our minds have come up - so just keep trusting His timing and His ways. He is good and He is for you! I will pray for you as God brings you to my mind.
  12. #12 rut, Nov 25, 2017
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    Dear friend,
    I'm so very glad to hear from you today and I'm encouraged with your words. Thank you my friend for sending me such kind words. God will surely perfect things on my way as I believe in Him wholeheartedly. The past has been kept aside and I'm facing a new life in the Lord.Please i will like to write to you through my personal email as that will be very ok for me. Please keep me in your prayers always. All I want you to pray for me is for the Lord to help me have a sewing machine that will help me to start my sewing business so I will be able to take care of myself and help others here.

    The girls in my area needs God's forgiveness and they need to know God and have a personal relationship with him and be free from sin.

    Please if you want to email me directly, you can do this here

    Thank you and may God bless and keep you safe in this evil world.

    With the love in Christ,

    Ruth Michael.

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