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Greeting forum members!

I feel I have been led here out of a personal need for healing, and to minister to others. I am currently training as a Divine Healing Technician under John G. Lake ministries. A long time Christian, suffering for many years under oppression from the evil one. I've been through a lot, and I have a real heart and compassion for folks that are hurting.

After our salvation, the next best thing in this world is to walk in divine health...which I am currently not. I realize one of the best ways to receive a healing is to assemble with like minded individuals, and also pray for folks who are in my predicament as well.

Folks who are in need of a "total body restoration", a "creation miracle", specifically a dental creation miracle, please feel free to pm me to agree in prayer with you if you wish to.

I am in need of these things, and I welcome the opportunity to pray for others who have the same need. Looking forward to interacting with all of you on the forum!

God Bless,
Psalm 91
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Welcome to Talk Jesus Tim @JesusGivesLifeMeaning

Enjoy the forums and online fellowship.

All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made. In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
John 1:3-5
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Welcome to our gathering place, TalkJesus. I pray you find blessings here. What sort of dental needs are upon you?
Hi Brad,

Thanks for the welcome, and I have already found blessings here - thank you all.

What sort of dental needs? Well, lets put it this way, about as severe as you can imagine. I've only been to a dentist a handful of times in my 49 yrs. on this earth, so a lifetime of neglect has left me with a sad resulting condition. Admittedly, due to poor lifestyle choices in the past, combined with no insurance & weak finances to cover even minor visits, things have progressed to the point of needing a "creation miracle" at this point. I do believe it will happen, and I have many folks already standing with me, agreeing for this miracle work in my life. If Jesus can stretch forth withered hands, cause blind eyes to see, and even raise the dead, surely a mouth full of beautifully healthy teeth, no plastic, will be a walk in the park for him!

I'm steadfastly standing on the promises for this. God is already moving in mighty ways in my life, just in the last couple of months, I'm currently in training as a healing minister, trained under John G. Lake ministries, street witnessing, praying for healing for others in my daily travels, of which I've already witnessed healings, answers to prayer. Jesus has so much more in store for me at this point, I can see it. Needless to say, it can be rather embarrassing, and I even hide my smile when talking to others. Healing come quickly, Lord Jesus.
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Perhaps you can gain healing of your teeth and gums through a miracle, but if you are in pain, Goldenseal will take away the pain in 24-36 hours and will keep it away for several weeks to more than a month. Taking two pills initially, about 1000 milligrams each, and then take another two if the pain isn't greatly reduced within 24 hours. Those two to four will keep you well for the previously stated time period.
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Thanks for that information, it is appreciated. I know a good bit about herbs, remedies, organic eating, etc., but I did not know that about Goldenseal. I do know that Cloves are a good choice for tooth pain.
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Welcome to Talk Jesus Brother.
Always a joy to welcome another brother in Christ Jesus to this online Christian Community.

I pray you may realize healing in this body, but also hope/uplifting of your spirit in the realization that the glorified body we have to look forward to (Philippians 3:21) be also in your thoughts. As a promise that one can surely count on as a Child of the Most High.

Once again be welcome brother.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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Thanks for that information, it is appreciated. I know a good bit about herbs, remedies, organic eating, etc., but I did not know that about Goldenseal. I do know that Cloves are a good choice for tooth pain.
It doesn't work with all aches and pains, but it does seem to work pretty good with oral pain. Not sure if cloves works faster, but goldenseal works much longer.
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Welcome to the forum! I am praying for God's help in your situation. Embarrassment is what you need to get past... and that will come, I believe, by asking God for His answer, no matter what it is.

Remember that Jesus asked for removal of his "cup" but it was NOT removed, because Jesus also asked for God's will to be done. We should not presume that we always know what God's will is. We should pray as Jesus prayed in Matt 26:36-44.

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