great websight

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Thank you for your kind words. Its much appreciated!

The moderator team here is fantastic and a blessing as is the entire community. Lots of wonderful members here.
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i just want to say that this is a great websight. a good place to meet good christian people
I agree. Most forums I have checked out have either 1.) a confusing
directory and setup, 2.) not enough sermons or scripture posted to learn
anything, 3.) or the site is so full of atheists that bash Christ, and the
creator does nothing about it. But Chad and all the moderators are caring,
and actually listen and keep a good patrol. If I have a problem, it is
taken care of very quickly. And the setup is easy to follow, most others have
everything just crammed together. The people and staff here are friendly
and welcoming, I dont feel like a stranger. God Bless :smile:
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believe or not... this site is have personally been with me in my ups and dows.. its not just great.. its beyond great! glad to see u here... =)

People in here are amazing..maybe thats why...

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