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Great Timing!




I have wanted to share with everyone about how God has helped me in last few weeks. This is my testimony.

Months before, I attended an online programming contest and by God's grace i won a prize for getting a 2nd position among 20 others. I checked out how i could get the money from the company. They said that I had to send them Notary authorised affidavit and a tax form. I had 60 days time to send them.

I checked out all the sites and didnt even get a slight idea of what really that notarisation meant. So after some chatting with other friends, i came to know that i have to approach a notary public to get it. I did it as there were only 15 days more for them to receive these documents. I tried hard and sent those documents that day.... I prayed that Jesus will take care of those documents.

Days went by and when there was only 2 days left, I saw that they hadnt received it yet. Then the next day (the last day), still they didnt receive it. I knew how much i had spent for getting those documents.... That day i went to sleep only by faith that God will do some gr8 things. And He did it. The next day i checked my mails to find that they have received it. Praise GOD. Praise JESUS. All glory to HIM. No wonder that God is great. Hallelujah.
Staff Member
That's awesome brother praise the Lord :) GOD bless you.

God's Grace in Christ and our Faith in Christ is a perfect combonation to live by.

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