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Great News from the Medieval Front Line!

Great News from the Medieval Front Line!

I am big into medieval reenactment. (S.C.A.) I have been doing it for over 16 years... Last week I went to a Huge yearly event!

As you can see, I am Back from the medieval reenactment, week long, Gulf War... (The war with no enemies) the war with 1000 men in amour to a side!

We were out numbered and out equipped BUT My side still won the war, Big time!! Hooo-Ah!

I have many true tales of my prowess and valiant victories I could regale you with. But that would be Bragging!

And you all know how easily and how often I stumble in that sin! He he he ;)

I will be E-mailing pictures to you soon... And I will endeavor to tell you some battle stories without bragging too badly... :)


Before I left, A wonderful Sister in Jesus asked me:

“You always mention the fun and release the participation in the wars brings. Is there a way to pray for you while you are there? I ask, because I imagine the majority of men there are probably not Christians and I imagine you are around a lot of cursing and possibly even drunkenness?????”

I responded to her:
“Yes, I am one in a thousand, at these events.
Yes, there is a lot of drinking...
Yes, I drink as well, to show politeness to those who are generous enough and flatter me with a chance to try their handmade meads and also to ease the pain of my bruises and sore muscles, but not unto drunkenness... Never... Drunken behavior is considered "dishonorable."

(It is also the height of rudeness to turn down a hand made mead. These are works of culinary art and take hundreds of hours to produce.)

Lastly, 3 times in the past, I have taken this to the alter and asked Jesus if he wants me to give up my armor and do only Church stuff.

Jesus has made it very clear that I am to stay! In fact, since I did offer up my armor, Jesus has given me positions of authority within the society, at an alarming rate. Positions, YEARS in advance of my experience. I feel Jesus is lifting me up, so that those who would
never listen to the gospel thru me, due to a meager political status, will Listen.

I believe we are not to shrink from a den of sin but to boldly overcome it. Holiness advances and evil retreats, not the other way around... After all Jesus hung out with sinners, so why should we fear too?

I then asked her to “Pray then, that Jesus will use me wisely to reach out to the lost. Pray that He will continue to lift me up in my peer's eyes, so I can Lift Jesus up to them in authority. Pray that I stay covered in meekness and love. Pray that my witness will remain pure and strong. And that I will not stumble into the sin that is readily available.”

Last week at the medieval war:

There were many chances to indirectly witness thru hard work and sound behavior. However, there was only one chance to verbally witness and I took it. But if I told you the full carnal details you would be grossed out.

Let's just say, some silly macho guys, in high authority, asked me in a large public setting, hypothetically, if there was a price I would be willing except to perfume sexual favors on another man. (eeeew)

Instead of responding with outrage or shock or a holier then thou attitude, I chucked and snapped his question back upon his head by asking the fellow “Do you have the 2 million dollars you spoke of in your personal account? And if so, what exactly, are you publicly confessing here?” This was met with loud macho guffaws and “har hars” and lots of ribbing…

Then it became "What price, either financial or personal, are you willing to pay to save your life?" And finally "What is your life worth to you?"

My response was returned in great humor and patience "The higher the financial offer to commit evil, that I refuse, the greater is my reward in heaven..." And that "There is a heaven and I am ready to go there." And that "The price/penalty of my death was actually a nothing to me but complete reward." "I do not fear that which can kill the body but that which can kill the soul!" They jeered at this...I laughed.

And my return question which stopped the mouths of the wicked was this: "Like me, are you, not only ready, but eagerly waiting to die? My reward awaits me...what awaits you at your death?"

You could hear the crickets for MILES!

Thanks for the prayers they really lifted me up!