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hi brothers & sisters,

Im very grateful for those who help me convert since i posted that article about requring a bible. and it's brother Bob who promise and sent me a hard copy of bible last Saturday, though it might take a few days for me to recieve it here in China. he is really a kind and helpful person, and so are all Christians like you.
but now i got another confusion, i find it so difficult for me to find someone who believe God around me, say in my school. wats more, when i tell my classmates that i believe God, they would probably laugh at me. i just feel a little bit lonely and confused. anyone tell me wat to do?
anyhow, i never try to join the communist party 'cause i believe God, while there is a tendency that almost every student in the college try to join the Party in order to find a good job after graduation or recieve further eduation. It really get my nerves!
i hope some one could help me wit these problems, and your advice is very valuble for me.
may God bless you all
Mike, Being the only Christian can be very tough but you have to know that you are not alone here in this world. I met a man on Talk Jesus and he is from China as well. There are copies of the Bible on the internet that you can read and get to know. Please come to talkjesus Chat and meet other believers to strengthen your faith. We are here for you Mike.
Is the one you mentioned me, mymakersdaugter? :D
Hi, Mikey, I got your email and replied. You can visit the websites I recommended
in my response to your first post. They are really good. And also, you can often
come here to join ppl here.
mymakersdaughter said:
Gosh Parason's you are Good, how did you know?? :shade: I was hoping you two could meet.

God is in charge... How could they not meet
Dear Mikey,

Praise God for your seeking, brother! We prayed that God's hand will be on the package, China's postal official's hearts, and allow the package to make it to you safely.

We were able to mail your bible last Saturday and the Chinese postal clerk at the San Francisco post office by the airport looked at the package and address, and said it would be best to send it air instead of by sea. When she answered my questions she appeared confident.

Thank you, Parasons for making contact with our brother Mikey! You have a wonderful heart! Praise the Lord.

Your servant in Christ Jesus.