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Grace to you

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For a proper introduction, I have been part of the Body for 20 years, seasoned in foolishness and grace both. In Portland Oregon, one of the highest ranking sexual cities in the US (there are strip bars and cannabis shops just a walk away from my home), among several mainstream non-denominational evangelical christian churches as they continue to spread in their many forms, I am persuaded more and more of the immense value house gatherings have for people as primary and central expressions of God's life through the Lord Jesus in community. We are designed and blessed in, through, and for relationship. We grow in relationship. We grow in the Lord. We learn among spiritual men and women, whose character, behaviors, and practices we draw from. We share in life, work, suffering, and joy in the Lord together. And this is an intimacy left desired in my neighborhood. Perhaps it is in yours also, and that is why I am here.