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I wrote this. Alcohol
was something I abused and Jesus finally took it away. Praise the Lord!

I was took when I was young
I was took when I was weak
But now I found my Jesus, hear him speak!

It did not happen right away
It could not happen until the day
That I - recognigh
He chose to save me.

As I let him in
He kicked you out
You’re out forever, there is no doubt.
He filled that space, he filled throughout
My arms got numb, there is no doubt

I was took when I was wild
I was took when I was lawless
But now I found my Jesus, he is flawless!

You are a waste
though you got a sweet taste
but really it was acquired
so now I say, you’re fired!

A waste of money
A waste of time
And a life, full, of perpetual strife!

Go away I don’t need
Go away I don’t want
Go away I can’t keep

I was took when I was wild
I was took when I was lawless
But here’s my Jesus, he is flawless!

He has set me up, not to fail
He has given me my people so I can prevail.
I’ll keep these blessings that you never could
My beautiful wife
A bunch of kids
My own damn life!

Just leave my sight and leave my mind.
I am filled with her love, divine!
That is who I want, I’ll be just fine!

I have a new calling, and you’re not in it.
Step aside all my family will get it.
They need me pure, they need me whole
Not as you make me, a liar out of control.

And stay away, too, from the one’s that I love
I’ll call on the chariots that have flown up above
God-sent for the one’s I love
Protect them from your strangling grip
I’ll call on them again, to make another trip!

You cant take me, I am saved
You cant take me, I’m reborn
I’ve found my Jesus, I’m restored!

I won’t follow and don’t wish you well
I’m leaving now and condemn you to hell!
Stay down there, it’s a perfect fit
That unholy place, that fiery pit!
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