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Goodbye yall

I just want to take this oppurtunity of saying goodbye to the dear friends i have made here at tj over the last 5 months.You guys know who you are and you have all helped me in ways you cant imagine.I hope ive given something back at least made you laugh a little,God willing we may all meet one day.take care and be blessed-sparky
dear brother. I was was once told this.... " u just leave when there is a problem in the church? ... we need to stand together as a family and fight the enemy. ". the devil does not like unity. marriage, church, ect. so why give in? U are awsome and we need u here. we need to resolve the issues here because it is causing division and it is not right. We love u sparky... u know that. But instead of just throwing in the towel lets fight the enemy off and Give Glory to God!! Many people come hear to his of his great love.... we need to be here to share. to share with them what we have. God Bless u brother and I love u. I hope and pray that u will have peace.
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Awh Sparky don't go... you're needed here!

Sparky ... you're truly warm and needed here. A good heart needs gentle care. Yours is open and honest, warm and quirky. I know you won't want compliments but know this.... you have special friendly, open qualities that give a good vibe in chat. These qualities and your humour give a warm welcome that would prove to be a real loss. Don't let the devil steal you away from here. You are needed. Think of all those lost souls waiting to meet a cool follower of Christ from England and selfishly I'd miss reading your posts Mr S.

So I will say in my sternest teacher voice...

"Where do you think you're off to Marky Sparky, you haven't finished your work yet?"

... and you know you never argue with a teacher especially one that wants you to succeed....
Oh sparky, don't go! There is still work to be done here. Yes, there are some arguments, and things have been said, but if we let that get in the way of our God, then what is to come of us? If God is for us, who can be against us? Please Sparky, (AND EVERYONE ELSE INVOLVED IN THIS LITTLE ISSUE) Let your pride down. Stay with us here at TJ. You are needed, just as we all are.

God Bless
Sis in Christ:love:
Sparky don't you be so selfish and run away, we need you here. I am very disappointed that you would disappear. We are family, we make mistakes, get hurt but we still stick together. Don't you dare leave!
ps. I love you brother.

I haven't been keeping up with things for a while, but your post caught my eye. The Bible says do not forsake the assembling of yourselves as some do. We are all part of the body of Christ, and we assemble. As my brother, I ask you not to go because I love you and I am not the only one who feels that way here.
God bless,
Sparky!!! Dont leave......Think of how many Elvis fans are here!!!! I promise i wont make fun of Elvis anymore if you stay!!! Plz bro!!!
It sounds like your taking a trip to Heart Break hOtel right now. SO......plz just stay.
If you give up on smothing littler liek this, The devil will take advantage of you.
Plz oh Plz oh Plz!!! STAY!!