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Good News

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Sue J Love, May 13, 2018.

  1. An Original Work / May 12, 2018

    Good News –
    What is “good news”?
    Are there not many
    Different views?

    Redeemed –
    By Jesus blood.
    My sins forgiven.
    Bought back for God.

    My Lord –
    My Savior God
    Gave His life for me.
    In Him abide.

    Set Free –
    From sin’s control.
    Holy life living.
    Christ made me whole.

    I’m Saved –
    New life in Christ.
    There’s joy in my heart.
    In Christ, made right.

    Good News –
    In Christ set free
    To live in vict’ry.
    Satan’s defeat.
  2. So, so smooth. Every single line. Peace

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