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Good news forever, amid worldly chaos

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Fragrant Grace, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and for ever
    Hebrews 13:8

    The News for today and every day..... God is still on the throne, He is in control He is victorious

    Amid all the world's chaos, confusion and continual bad news........

    Let us rejoice and thank the Lord for His continual goodness and for keeping us through the years

    Lord, for the years Your love has kept and guided,
    Urged and inspired us, cheered us on our way,
    Sought us and saved us, pardoned and provided:
    Lord of the years, we bring our thanks today.

    Lord, for that word, the word of life which fires us,
    Speaks to our hearts and sets our souls ablaze,
    Teaches and trains, rebukes us and inspires us:
    Lord of the word, receive Your people's praise.

    Lord, for our land in this our generation,
    Spirits oppressed by pleasure, wealth and care:
    For young and old, for commonwealth and nation,
    Lord of our land, be pleased to hear our prayer.

    Lord, for our world when we disown and doubt Him,
    Loveless in strength, and comfortless in pain,
    Hungry and helpless, lost indeed without Him:
    Lord of the world, we pray that Christ may reign.

    Lord for ourselves; in living power remake us -
    Self on the cross and Christ upon the throne,
    Past put behind us, for the future take us:
    Lord of our lives, to live for Christ alone.

    'Lord, for the years your love' by Timothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926).
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