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Good morning man

God: good morning man.
Man: well, i cant say its a goodone, I woke up on the wrong side.
God: But atleast you woke up.
Man: yes. But i expected to feel better than this,i dont even know how the day will be.
God:eek:h really.But atleast its a day, and you can see the skies.
Man:But God dont you think temperatures will be too high today.
God:True ,but atleast you have senses, to see and feel, others dont.
Man:Things just bore, I'm sick, i'm tired.
God: Sure, but atleast strength can be renewed,is'nt it so?.
Man: Well..anyway.My breath is difficult, what could it be?
God: I see, but atleast you can still breathe, others have stopped.
Man: But God you seem to ignore everything i'm saying.
God: Really?. atleast you can still hear my voice, others dont even know.
Man:But do you remember the other accident i went through.where were you God?.
God:I have never been away,atleast you lived to ask me that question.
Man k ,ok.But how did it happen?
God: If only you had asked me before ,I would have told you what to do.
Man: So you knew beforehand?.
God:Except that you realised after.I often knew.
Man: eheh.Look, i didnt even know,but are you sure you were around?
God:Are you sure you survived on you own?
Man:I'm a survivor ,and that you know.
God:Sure?, just tell me what it takes to survive.
Man:Eheheh.Oh the doctor, the doctor ,God
God :See, the doctor also says God ,God help.
Man :then are you saying the doctor depended on you to save me?
God: Have you tried to find out?.
Man:No!,but he always does that.
God: Rightly so.He always says God Please God.
Man: I'm not understanding this anymore.
God :you never have, dont say only today.
God:You Understand only what you have seen ,yet i do even what you have not yet seen.
Man:No,No.I understand anything.
God: hey ,man have you heard about Tsunami, katrina?
Man: what is that?,
God : but i thought you said you understand everthing.
Man :yes .Except those two.By the way i know many others.
God:Did you see me when i passed around today?
Man: where was that?
God : i expected you to know?
Man: ahah,ahah .Am i God to Know?
Man: i already said I only understand what i can see.
God : oh man, how i rather you let me guide you.
Man: only the blind are guided,Me i can still see.
God:But you could not see me when i passed by.
God Shall we meet tommorrow then?
Man : God willing we shall.
God :AHAHAHA, man, poor man so you know its only me who wills.
Man: did i say that?,I said most likely. in simple english.
God : Meaning what?
Man: You dont even know that?.honestly God be serious.
Man: Any way i meant that If all goes well.
God:Why not make it go well:
Man: what a forgetfull fella you are .I already said i'm not God.
God: Eh,Eh, so finally you know its me.
Man :gosh.I even said that.Ahahah.leave me alone!!!
God: sure , but i hope you will not ask me where i was when another thing happens.
Man: you mean something will happen to me again?,oh no, i dont want ,no.
God :I thought you knew,you sound so scared.
Man : ok ,tell me what will happen.
God :I can only tell you what to do.
Man: Why not what will happen?
God : because,the happening belongs to me and doing is yours.
Man: well , what should i do.
God: get insured.
Man: how?

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