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Goliath had a brother ?

Well family . It has now been proven for all to see here in this place ! Strypes has answered another trivia question correctly ! These questions were taken out of the expert section of [ The Awsome Book Of Bible Trivia , By Bob Phillips ] ! Strypes has beaten the experts , and I am sending this book back to Mr. Phillips , and I am recommending that Strypes write her own book of bible trivia , and I will ask Mr Phillips Her questions!!! hahahahahahahaha ! I am out of prizes , but do you want to buy a book for half price ! Great job ! Mike :love: :boy_hug: :thumbs_up
Thank you Sister ! I must come to trivia , and write my own book ! lol ! I promise to put you're name on the front page ! Right after mine ! hahahah ! God bless you Strypes , and I encourage all the members to visit our sister in bible trivia for a true learning experience mixed with lot's of friendly fun . Hat's off to the chosen ! :love: :boy_hug: Mike
Staff Member
Am I invited? Seriously, I don't come because I feel not qualified yet in my wisdom of the Holy Bible. I'm still learning and with all my workload it takes a tolll on my reading / studying I must say.

Any suggestions? I have fairly a lot of books such as trivia, commentaries, niv study, etc.

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