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Going Deaf

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Chad, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. I was born hearing impaired and over the years my hearing has gone downhill big time. I'm probably about 70% deaf and I really would like to be able to hear crystal clear like never before (same for my brother who is hearing impaired). Please pray for us that the good Lord Jesus Christ will heal us both through our faith and His love and mercy, God's grace.

    God Bless You!
  2. Lord I pray for this person and his brothers for a miraclr for their hearing to improve in the name of jesus. bless them recovery in the name of jesus amen
  3. I will keep you in my prayers so that God may heal you and your brothers ears... that you may hear once again! Our God never fails!
  4. chad you are in my prayers brother,
    i ask god to give you a healing touch in the mighty name of jesus. im believing for your hearing to be restored. god bless you
  5. Father God, and Saviour Lord Jesus, I Praise you for your mighty works and that you alone have all power. You have all power over everything that exists in the natural and the Spiritual realms. I know as you say in your word that you can do super and abundantly great things that we could never even think of. I Bless you Father and I ask you and I believe that I receive the hearing of my brother Chad, and his brother , that they may have the crystal clear hearing that you have planned for them in heaven that they may have it even here on earth . What a glorious testimony that they have for you, Abba, and knowing that this can only come from you and that you will be abundantly glorified. As you are the potter and we are the clay you mold us and shape us, to what you will have us be in you. Thank You Father, I praise you and bless you in the name of our Lord and saviour, the Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ, Amen!
  6. You know Chad it is so hard to understand God's purposes in our lives sometimes. I can imagine that frustration may be building up in you because you desire to hear. I have never been in your situation so it is hard to understand exactly what you are going through. I guess in saying all this I would begin asking God what His purpose is for you, He has a reason, right now it may be vailed to you. I'm sure you know Romans 8:28 and I Corth. 10:13. I will pray for His purpose to shine through to all men through you. May His spirit encompass you Chad. God Bless brother.
  7. hi there chad, i too am hearing impaired,
    i lost hearing in one ear about 20 years ago, i got along ok, so long as everyone talked to me on the hearing side. well a year ago nov. i lost most of the hearing in my hearing ear.
    it has been tough. i can no longer use a reg. phone( have a vco phone no one wants to talk to me on this, they seem to be intemadated, people answer there phone and say to the operator who the sh-t is this, what kind of call is this etc)

    i no longer go to group bible studies etc. i did get a new hearing aid in may , it is high powered, but i stil have to have the person be right next to me, and look at me.
    i am 58, so this came late in life.
    i hear high tones, my husband voice is on low tones, so our conversations can be well flustrating to say the least.
    some people say i am mad or yelling all the time as i talk loud, i a not mad or yelling just talk loud because i cannot hear my voice. this was even a problem at the church .
    we live in a small town, our church does not have any help mates for hearing impaired.
    just the normal pa system. i cannot not hear the message.

    i have been coming to live chat, talk jesus, i can hear every one, there. this is helping me some, i feel iceolated in my own quiet little world. i do not watch tv i should say listen to it, cannot hear it, so most days i do not know the world happesings.

    i wonder how do i fit in to worship services, study groups

    so the live chat is a help to me. i praise god he led me to talk jesus.

    i will keep you in pray

    god bless you.
    please keep me in your prayers
    searching ( jo anna)
  8. Thank you all for your prayers. They are truly appreciated and I am grateful. Jo Anna God bless you. Your in my prayers as well.
  9. Restored Hearing

    Father i ask you in the name of Jesus to heal the cause of defnes in Chad, Chads bro.also Joanna. Father i ask that their hearing be restoried . In Jesus name i pray Your will be done Amen Your child Gerlene
  10. May the oppressive bonds of deafness be broken over your life, and that clarity shines through to your inner ears and hearts as well, amen.
  11. God is amazing. Our God is powerful, our God is merciful, and He is the Healer. I know that God will reveal His glory in you, just like He revealed his glory in the blind man and in the lepers and in his Son. He is so cool! And he deserves to be glorified for all he does and all he will do! He will answer your prayers.
  12. Amen missionary :) Thank you Jesus
  13. Chad I have sent you ,through email a message.As in the message I pray for the healing of you and your brother's condition,May God's infinite compassion give you both a miracle.
  14. LORD, I add my prayers to the others, that you heal Chad and his brothers and Jo Anna, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
  15. Lord, we just want to lift Chad, his brother, and JoAnna up to you Lord. We pray that you take them in your healing arms and free them from this impairment. You alone can heal them and help them overcome this. In your precious name, Amen.
  16. Dear Father God I lift chad and searching to You Lord I ask for your will in both situations to be done Lord I ask that you send them peace and encouragement I thank you Father In Jesus name I pray Amen
  17. AND I am sooo blind. . .

    i have been on here since end of february . . .and now discovered this . . .
    duh . . .and there I was sending you great worship music and askin if you knew that new one. . .Bad day . . .because of everything. . .i'm so blind. . .im sorry Chad *sigh* may God continue to bless you with His cheerful Holy Spirit, may he comfort you in the silent moments of your life :love: (well, that could be the blessing already too) We love you brother and pray for you every day around this globe, how neat God works, go and bless your brother too Amen
  18. Prayer

    I will pray for you, God will help you. Even if it isn't in the way you want Him to. No matter what happens god will be with you. :love:
  19. That's ok peeps ;)

    Thanks Heavensound.

    God bless you both and thanks for the prayers!
  20. In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps! God will bless you dear brother no matter what you physical state is. But if you want it badly enough and you pray with faith knowing God will move for you, He will. God has a plan for you, and it will be good.!
    I am praying for you!

    God Bless
    Sis in Christ:love:

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