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Going Camping With The Church!

Now this sounds to me totally awesome!!!

I have never went camping with the Church before, but I found out about it through my brothers.

Unfortunately, their Church only goes with camping with the men - the women & children don't get to go.

I would love to go camping with the Church :love: everybody, holding hands, forming a circle around the camp fire, and, saying a beautiful prayer to Jehovah {& of coarse not leaving Jesus Christ out of the picture}

After the prayer, we could either get into a Bible study -or- just talk about anything relating to GOD or Jesus Christ!

I really would love to do that!!!

*Please, share your thoughts. Jonah2005 {*genesis!}
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At the church my that runs my kids school, they have a group called Royal Rangers for the boys and missionettes for the girls. They both go camping every year. My son has been to young to going on the boys trips. This will be the first year he can go.

My daughter on the hand has gone on 5 and this year will make 6. It is an entire weekend, where the girls have teaching on our Lord, and also do crafts, swim and play games. Lets not forget the camp fire with the S'mores( big deal for the girls).

It has always been alot of fun. Through all types of weather from 100 degrees to raining so hard that 2 of the tents colasped.

The girls are always a blessing.

The adults don't go camping but they do have men retreats and woman retreats.
Which I have gone on. They are held at nice hotels and are run the same way only in a hotel. The fellowship is always good and the teachings always on time. Then I can come home refreshed and ready to give my all for my family.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl: