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Going back home like the prodigal son

I've been having housing problems for the past five years since I left my parents house.

I left a comfortable home back in 2009 after many fights and arguments with my mum but since then I've moved around so much because I've been unable to find something as comfortable as home. When I did finally find a comfortable house 2013, I was sinking deep into debt.

I'm currently living in a house that looks more like a dump. My housemate, the landlady has so many habits that I find disdainful such as burping, letting out wind, not flushing the loo, leaving hair in shower. My 5 months of discomfort have made me realise how grateful I need be for my parents, despite our differences. This is also compounded by the fact that my landlady is very hostile and literally has no friends and rejected her family due to an unstable upbringing . She's from a broken home. I have realised that I don't want to be a recluse in the future, she's shown me a snapshot of what my life could end up being like if I harbour resentment and bitterness in my heart.

Fortunately my mum said I can move back whilst I search for my own place where I'll be comfortable. I thank God for His forgiveness and for giving me and others the ability to forgive.

At this time I would like to ask for prayers.

1. Prayer that my move back home will be successful

2. Prayer that both my mum, dad and siblings will fully welcome me back

3. Prayer to be a better person

4. Prayer that God may continue working in me

5. Prayer that I may find a comfortable house (so far whenever I've found a property that I want to rent, somebody else gets it first).

Most importantly, I'd like to thank God for his provisions.
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Praying that you are sucessfully reunited and rekindled with your family, that your relationships with them may grow. Praying also that you hear the word God has for you and the plans he has for your life. May the Lord work within you and make you feel welcome and comfortable wherever you go. God Bless x