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God's work

Every work of love is God’s (because God is love) and every work done with the sole intention of unconditionally serving others is a work of love. To serve others unconditionally would be to have no strings attached to what we do and to not prefer one human being to another in the process of serving others. Therefore, irrespective of what our job is, if we work to unconditionally severe others, we are doing God’s work. We should therefore, rejoice and have peace in knowing that God’s work is done through us. We should therefore, be excited about our work, and go out of our way to do more than what we are asked to do. We may sometimes have authorities that are not very pleasant. However, we must respect them and obey them (as long as they do not ask us to do something that is wrong), because, if our work is God’s, then they are directing God’s work. If we take this attitude, we will get joy and peace from our work.

Sometimes we get upset because we are paid unjust wages. Though it is true that all workers deserves a just wage, and therefore, every effort has to be made to correct injustice, the purpose of our work should be to serve others and not for wages. If we take this attitude we will find joy and peace in serving others even when our wages are unjust. Sometimes we are upset, because, we are treated unfairly, or our boss or peers never appreciate our work. Here again, we should focus our attention on serving others, and realize that our true reward is to be able share in God’s life by serving others, and not by obtaining wages or appreciation.