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God's Poems

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God's Poems
© By: Olivia M Taft

Man says he wrote the first poems, but I must diagree.
For man fails to see the volumes of it that God has written throughout eternity.
Do not think that there is one thing that man ever invented
That God did not first make, and which man had to consider as unprecedented.

God wrote the first poems among the millions of stars in space.
He wrote one in the moon's old face which even the passing of time can not erase.
I have read one in that gorgeous lily of the field
Which I have stopped to smell; Oh, the bliss of God's whole garden its petals concealed.

Man's feeble attempts to imitate such beauty are only in simple God-given phrases.
We say we like our expressions better than God's because His we ignore or replace.
For we say that every little bird or flower we do not note,
Must have been a poem that God never wrote.
Great Poem ,thanks for sharing,
there is a beach close to were i live and when you stand on the cliffs above it and watch the sun go down, its like Gods receiting poetry to you, breathtaking

God Bless and Much Love xoxoxoxoxoxoxox