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God's New Glasses

Yes, I know. God doesn’t need glasses. His Celestial Eyes see beyond all space and all time into eternity. The deal is, WE live in space and time and we need God, but how can He see us as the new sinless creatures we need to be?

The amazing reality is this; God sees us with new glasses not because he NEEDS to, but because He loves us, and WANTS to! The Bible says we “put on” Christ when we are baptized. (Galatians 3:27) That means that when God looks at me, he doesn’t see an unforgiven sinner dressed in the rags of his own depravity or his false self-righteousness. Instead, God sees the beauty, perfection, and purity of Jesus!

How’s THAT for new glasses?

Through the help and power of His Spirit, God will give US new glasses to see others as He sees them. 2 Corinthians 5:16 tells us that we “regard no one from a human point of view.”

As humans, we can see others as objects for our own use. As humans we can reverse God’s way of living, and instead of using things and loving people, we love things and use people. We can see others as merely objects. As Martin Buber says, people become an “it” instead of a living “thou.” We can view people as assembly line product, a thing we dismiss as just another person, rather than recognizing them as a precious creation of God. We can view people by their outward symbols and trappings and never see the beauty, talent, courage, or creativity God has placed within them. Without God’s glasses, we don’t see others as eternal people who need an encounter with the Living God so they can realize that they are created in God’s Image, they are valuable to the Creator of the universe, and they are cherished from the moment of their conception.

We need new glasses and God longs to give them to us!

We need new glasses and God longs to give them to us!
Here’s an example of how we can get these new glasses. A few months ago, I was in my old hometown in another state. There is a beautiful bookstore there with cozy nooks, soft chairs, free coffee, dark panelling, leaded glass windows, and two fireplaces! Shaking off the cold, I wrapped my hands around a warm mug of coffee, and began to scan the shelves. As I turned a corner, I spied a handsome older man who sat reading by a window. He was well-dressed, perfectly groomed, and emitted an air of wealth. He gave me a glance that seemed to be dismissive and a little haughty.

“Sure,” I thought to myself, “don’t give me a smile or a nod. Why should you? You’re rich! You don’t need to be nice to other people. Just one more rich guy who has life easy. Fine!” I sat around the corner and a cell phone rang. It was a call for the rich guy!

“Hi son” he said (it was quiet in the bookstore, you couldn’t help overhearing, I mean really, you couldn’t!). “Yes, your mom is having one more chemo treatment this morning. She sent me to a bookstore. She is so cute in her wigs, son. She has several, and wears different ones to surprise our friends. We really don’t know if the chemo will rid her of cancer, but it’s all we can do, and we are hopeful. Keep praying son, it’s in God’s Hands now.”

I instantly bowed and prayed not only for forgiveness for myself, but for the speedy recovery of this precious wife and mother. And guess what? As I walked past the shop windows on the street, I caught a refection of myself. Guess what I saw in the reflection? I had on New Glasses!

I refuse to see people in the same ol’ way the world does. Once I’ve gotten a glimpse out of God’s new glasses, every person is precious. So...

What are you waiting for? Your new Glasses are waiting!