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Gods favor

Aww Jody, poor him, and poor you having to watch the man you love so much struggle, you can feel so helpless.

Can you please give us some more detail and I'll glady pray for you both?

Take care and God bless you both x
His name is Brandon and he is in jail. Has been for 2 months . We have kids and it is so hard. Not sure what I'm suppose to do .
Oh no Jody, it says something that you're on TJ at 3:00 am asking for prayer. You must be beside yourself with worry and I'm guessing your prayer rate is higher than almost everyone in Talk Jesus.

I think there's a lot of guys in here that have experienced times of crisis and stress, I've had my skirmishes with the police. I remember, long time ago but like it was yesterday, I was so stressed that it affected my blood circulation and I kept hugging radiators because I was so cold even though it was middle of summer. In the end everything worked out fine.

Jesus tells you not to worry in His sermon on the mount Matthew 6:25-34 but three years later He was panicking so much, He was sweating with sweat beads that were like droplets of blood, although His disciples were zonked, He couldn't sleep either; He knew what was coming Luke 22:44. You see the sermon on the mount is theoretical, not practical. If you want perfection, to be like God, 100% holy, then you'll need to study and implement Jesus's Sermon on the Mount - the whole of it, to the letter. Meanwhile for us, it's totally impossible to follow rigidly so Jesus gave us that sermon as aspirational rather than a set of rules and laws to follow, until that is we one day go to meet Him, then it'll all become our nature. Meanwhile, we read it and try our very bestist to implement it into our lives with the help of God's Holy Spirit, to please Him and because deep down we know that that's how it should be.

Practically speaking we do worry and panic in times of crisis. God knows that and Jesus does from past bitter experience. It's an emotion He gave us, and like with Jesus in the garden, the adrenaline runs, you can't sleep, it's natural. We panic, we plan scenarios and hopefully steer a course around the situation. Yes, but what if the situation is so bad there is no plan or route that we can see? Then we do what you're doing, we pray even more and we get others to pray with us. Then we believe and we trust. That's easy to type and even easier to say, but that's just what God wants us to do, trust and believe in Him. Why should you? Two reasons. 1.) He's not impotent, He's totally powerful and in total control of both your situation and your life. 2.) He loves you so dearly and really feels for you. He's been through even worse Himself when He had to watch His son die an excruciating death that He brought about because He asked His son for a favour. How must He have felt? Yes, God is with you right now, feeling for you, trying desperately to comfort you. So please please don't panic, just pray and plan your way through this. Apply for any state help you're entitled to and get your 2 families (church and rellies) to rally round.

Promise you Jodie, your God will get you through this, your kids will be fine and you'll be so much stronger in your faith so in years to come when your friend stresses because their kettle's packed in, you'll shake your head at them and think, you know naffin!!! Paul puts it like this -
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 .

May God keep and bless you and your family. Please do keep us posted regularly and we'll keep praying for you. Can I ask, how long is your old man in for and is he a believer or not? We'll pray for Brandon to.


Dear Lord, I have a major favour to ask of you. My dear precious sister Jody is in a truly dreadful state. Her husband's locked up and she's left behind with their kids feeling so alone, vulnerable, panicking about what the immediate future holds. They used to be a team but now they can't be.

Please dear God, open her eyes to reveal a totally new experience of your power. Please Lord intervene directly on her behalf, looking after and taking care of her because she's your precious daughter for who you sent your son to die to rescue her. Now she needs rescuing again but this one should be a lot easier. Please dear God, send her extra helpings of your Holy Spirit, giving her the wisdom that she needs to plan the way through this crisis and give her the confidence that you're in total control and that you love and care for her dearly.

One thing Lord I really do want is for this situation to bring glory to your name. If Jody could involve her church, sharing her situation and asking them to get behind her and pray and then wait to see your mighty hand at work.

Lord, all we want is to see our dear sweet sister happy and relaxed again, praising and thanking you for getting her through this and for everyone to realise and appreciate that that was down to you.

For me Dear Lord, I want to thank you in advance for your intervention, protection and love for Jody, and for me.

Thank you so much! My husband is a believer . He loves the lord! I'm not sure right now how long he will be in there. Court got canceled again. He could get 5 years.
Hi Jody, I'm praying for you, sweet sis. If you want to chat please PM me. I'm not the most prolific writer because I've plenty of other plates spinning but I will keep in touch and keep praying for you and your husband. Take care, God loves you xx
His name is Brandon and he is in jail. Has been for 2 months . We have kids and it is so hard. Not sure what I'm suppose to do .
Many of us have been locked up Jody, but often these times cause us to stop and take stock. I don't know if you or Brandon are born again, but if you are, nows the time to strengthen your faith. It's hard to know what to advise, not knowing, the length of his sentence, your status in faith or the love you have for each other. However the Lord knows and so I feel that we on talk Jesus, if moved, should pray for you. Bless you both.
Hi! Yes we are both born again. We are trusting God through it all. It is very hard though. Thank you all for praying for us.
Hi! Yes we are both born again. We are trusting God through it all. It is very hard though. Thank you all for praying for us.
If you are both born again Jody, then you both have the Spirit of God within you and he is your helper. You will grow through this, and you have friends here on talk Jesus who will give you moral support and counceling if and when you need it. Bless you both.
Hi! he got out Aug 20 and has another court date set for November 9th. he will be sentenced that day. prayers for Gods continued favor.
Thanks Jody, will be praying for you both as well as the fam. Do let us know the outcome. Take care, love Andy xxx