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God's creation

Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by Follower, May 11, 2018.

  1. I stretched forth my hand and the birds I created came one by one and I taught them their songs. I gave the cricket and the nightingale their songs. The cry of the eagle and howl of the wolf I placed in their mouths. The roar of the lion and whimper of fox kits are my gift to them.

    The smile from your baby I placed in their heart while they were yet being knitted in your womb. Their crys at birth and their laughter at play I gave them. Before they were born I planted in them who they were to be.

    I mixed and painted colors for petals of all flowers and trees and blooming things. I added the perfumes of their scents and pollens for their reproduction and for bees and flying things.

    As the master chef I created all foods and gave man the taste for them. I mixed the flavors of the honeys and all fruits with their textures and life giving nutrients.

    Behold the greens of spring, darks and lights, brights and dims. Soft and hard. Faint and strong, brilliant and muted. I waved my hand and the colors flowed.

    The seasons I gave and settings of the sun and risings of the moon. Comes the fall and my colors of season sweep through created nature and speak of my wisdom and my heart.

    I raised my hand and the mountains rose. I lowered it again and valleys flowed through the lands. I breathed upon these and snows with ice blanketed the hills and evergreens. I spoke that seasons would remain in their turn as long as earth remained. Day then night would continue all in unison to my word.

    For ages of time I considered workings of nature yet to be created. I ordered the relationships between creatures, plants and their environments. Not of necessity but for my pleasure, not only of creating but of the joy of designing and composing my unique creations.

    The whole of man I placed within his body which I framed from the dust. The entirety of his mind, his emotions and will. Only at man's reconnection to me will he be whole and complete. Perfection was lost in the garden and found again at the cross.

    My creation of redemption through my son made fellowship once again possible for all that receive Him and know Him as their redeemer. I create and have recreated for the lives of men whom I made in my image.

    I have not created in vain for my works are forever. Blessed are those who as children receive with open heart all of my works. Blessed are those who can see for they will be blessed with increased vision.

    Blessed are those that hear for they shall be visited with words of my doings. Blessed are those that are moved by my love and my spirit for they shall be anointed with a sensitivity to the spirit of God. I will not need to raise my voice to them for they shall be able to hear and receive by the slightest whisper I speak.

    The God life I give is ever flowing, ever renewing, ever giving life. Wherever my spirit flows life springs up. From desert to garden. From waste land to green blooming fields and Vinyards. Whatever I touch springs to life and the dry bones become fleshed out and come together and move in the ways of the Lord.

    For in you who know my name, that have been made a new creation by my righteousness and my once for all sacrifice, I live. My doings and works will be seen in you by the world and they know not that it is the Lord.

    You must tell them that it is the Father in you that does the works, speaks the words that are so filled with life that even the unbelievers take notice. Those that know me, that are born of my spirit, that are filled with my Holy Spirit know these things.

    The power of my creative word yet ripples through the universe as a wave on the sea. There is no boundary or resistance to my creative will. My word washes aside all resistance. Abide in me and witness the continuing flow of life as I change the lives of men.

    Stay aware of the knowledge I have planted in you that all is from me and that you have nothing of yourselves but your willing heart. I can do all through one who is yielded to me. My only limitation in you is the failure to yield your will to me in all things. Labor to release yourself to me in everything then rejoice as I move into those areas and set free those blessings that have been awaiting the yielding of your hold. Blessings not only to the yielding believer but to others.

    I force no man to yield to me save for those that have set their face to resist my eternal purpose. A yielded wiling heart to me is a great beauty for my life will flow into and through a willing vessel. The vessel of the Lord filled with life giving water will refresh and quench the thirst of many. The more broken a vessel is the more of me, of my God life it can contain.

    The beauty of my love, of my life will be seen upon you as a garment of pure light. That light of my Holy Spirit will attract those that know not that God is the light. Those that even deny me will be drawn by my spirit of light through Jesus the Christ.

    As they come I will plant my words in your mouth so that they may know that I am the Lord.
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  2. Amazing! Praise God for He is worthy!
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