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God's Chosen

Think this may apply to many here, hope it touches someones heart:

In quiet and in solitude
God's word I sat and read,
I asked that I'd be open
And my heart by Him be fed.

I knew not where He'd take me
As upon His word I prayed,
I whispered, "I'm ready, Father"
In His presence I just stayed.

His anointing fell upon me
It was soft and warm and free,
Then God softly spoke to my soul
"I chose you, not you me."

He continued:

I was not accepted by my own
When I walked upon this earth,
I've called and had my hand on you
I've protected you since birth.

You may be made fun of
From my Word and all I taught,
My grace sufficient for you
Salvation for you, I've bought.

I hung upon that cross in love
For all who call my name,
And once I live within their heart
Lives are forever changed.

I have a special plan now
A mission prepared for you,
Be Christ to all you meet
Let them know my love is true.

Be humble in your calling
Reach out to all in need,
My spirit lives within you
Go forth now, where I lead.

The past is gone forever
Your future's in my hands,
Many we must witness to
Bringing peace to earth again.

Question not this journey
Nor the job I ask of you,
Gifts of the Spirit you possess
Faith in me will see you thru.

Be my Church, my people
Let Christ's peace rule in your hearts,
Know I am with you always
Just feel the beating of your heart.

(copyright 5/2005) written By: N.Suter
Deeply Changed
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Deeply , that was sooo good ! I can tell that the Lord is really [DEEPLY] in you're heart . God bless you sister . You are truly a gift to us all . That kind of poem can only be written by a person who has been through trials and testings . It gives testimony of you're deep love , but most of all you're dependence on Gods mighty hand to guid you . GBU :love: :boy_hug: Mike
Nice deeply. ..feels real good to read and listen to the heart. .. dont we all love to hear Gods voice like that. . .thanks for sharing

May God continue to move your heart for everyone of us to feel your beat. . . thanks for being a family member to TalkJesus and bless us with your attentance with Christ's love. . . :love:

see ya . . .peeps