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GODS building through talkjesus !!!

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Mike, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. I have allot of success stories to tell about ! Since I joined talkjesus , I have personally witnessed people being restored , and broken hearts being mended . I have witnessed fellow christians , with many problems of their own, lay them down at the foot of the cross , and trust JESUS so they could go minister hope to others at talkjesus . Satan has lost his grip on so many people he was destroying , because of the great favor of GOD given to them through willing vessels of JESUS CHRIST . I have seen fellow christians restored in love , and satan busted in the head with the SWORD OF GOD , his word . I also have been blessed with great fellowship of the word of GOD , and even though I have been saved for 20 years , and am an ordained pastor , I have been busted in the head myself ! Praise the FATHER for all his people who teach his word with great understanding , and conviction , in love as JESUS taught us to . Talkjesus is coming together as a mighty fighting force for GODS plan , and a place of sanctuary for all who seek his face . Satan is roaring mad , and we see this by all the disruptive people he is sending to the site lately . But thats all he can do is roar . JESUS is LORD and satan is defeated ! Chad , and all the moderators , along with many other very knowledgable , and committed children of GOD , are being used and tested at the same time ! The main objective at talkjesus is just that , TALKJESUS ! Many are coming to deceive the weaker christians , but they will not succeed ! Talkjesus is being used mightily by our FATHER , and he will protect us ! All are welcome here to fellowship JESUS CHRIST or come to know him through the many christians available to help . But GOD has placed watchman over this site , and ungodly deception will be stamped out by the power in JESUS name ! All who have a bible , have the keys to the kingdom of GOD . I want to pray for GODS leading towards all who visit this site , and for the wisdom to know who our FATHER sent , and who our enemy has sent , in JESUS name ! Amen BROTHERSINARMST4G
  2. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ , continue his mighty redemption of all people through talkjesus . Help us to have wisdom and understanding in everything we are humbled to do , as vessels of the most high Father God , and through you're eternal and holy word , in truth and testimony , with the holy spirit as our helper , in Jesus name ... Amen ! BROTHER
  3. Great witness to God's WORD brother in Christ.

    Great witness to God's WORD brother in Christ.

    In the :love: of Christ JESUS, Our LORD and Savior. Yeshua :boy_hug:
  4. awesome brother! Standing guard! I have to say that I am loving this place and we need to stay strong in faith because God is takeing care of us!!! God Bless you all!
  5. Lift up the name of Jesus!
    Shout it everywhere you go!
    Lift up the name of Jesus!
    And Let the whole world know!

    He said if I be lifted up!
    I'll draw all men unto me,
    C'mon and lift Him up!
    Lift him up!

    He said if I be lifted up!
    I'll draw all men unto me,
    C'mon and lift Him up!
    Lift him up!

    Deaf ears will be opened,
    blinded eyes will see
    chains will be broken
    we'll have victory!

    Okay, I'm done singing! I love prasing the Lord!
    He is soooo good!

    God Bless
    Sis in Christ:love:
  6. I agree lnrobar,Lift up the name of Jesus!

    Jesus is the Christ Jesus is Lord of all. The only Begotten Son of God. He is our Salvation, our hope, our truth and our way. Jesus is the Light of the World and he remains in us by faith. Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and much more.

    In :love: of JESUS the Christ, Our LORD, Yeshua

  7. amen TJ is the best!

    Yes Mike I agree with you TJ is awesome as our God is Awesome!! And I Thank God for this web site.So many lovers of God and all have a heart for eachother and always ready to pray for eachother.That is the heart of God!We are blessed everyday to meet all our brothers and sisters in the Lord everyday on line!Thank you Jesus for all you do each and everyday for us!WE love you so our dear Lord all glory and honor to you and Thank you Father for loving us so much that you sent Jesus to us!And for the comfortor the Holy Spirit whom we also love.To worship in spirit and truth!!I live to please you for you are my very breath!!I will love you always and I thank you for all my wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord!!Thank you all for your show of love for our Jesus and our Father.Without them we are nothing and could do nothing without their tender mercy and grace!!Love to all of you in his Holy name!!Love sister!!

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