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God works thru us all

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Maverick, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. Hi my name is Rick ..and I've been going thru a trial working in my Business. Iam in construction and everything was moveing along very Brother has been living on the streets and lost his business he followed in Dad's foot steps doing Tv repairs so I helped him get a place to live he had changed very much ..he almost died due to a blood infection and Loma Linda Hospital was thr only one who could find out what was really wrong with him and prise god jt all when well ..and I was doing well too..But things began to happen running low on funds to finance the jobs ..then my Trucks tranmission when out ..I couldn't pick up jobs and get them done like I needed things began to go down hill very quickly. .I had to do something. .I had my Bike up for sale for very long time ..and then a friend told to put it on a sale site ..I had tryed a lot of them that didn't work I did and I began to get a few calls ..I dropped the price so it was priced to sell and then I had a guy come by that wanted it ...Praise God ..The thing that I've Leared thru this trial is God is doing things in your Life let others see how you may handle these trials and tribulations that are very hard to.handle . .it is God working thru your situations and ministry to help other people who are watching you and how you handle getting thru and you may not even know who your ministering too..but it's the people who are close to you ..God has A plan & knows ..and he knows each one of us and Loves us more then we can know ..Praise God all things work together for the good for those who are in Christ Jesus. may be uncomfortable at times ..but know God is with us Amen ...
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  2. Can't you just do a thing for the sake of a thing, do we really need to call the attention of God on every up and down. What if a bad thing turned worse, would we then blame the devil?

    Good= God
    Bad= The Devil

    It's a pretty auspicious way of reasoning.

    Am I the only one who sees it this way?
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  3. I see it the way you stated floor7...I think...

    Good= God
    Bad= The Devil

    I "blame" all bad happenings on the devil, since the Word tells us that God is the giver of good things, there is no shadow of turning in Him. I'm not of the mindset that God "puts" us through trials to test our faith; rather, I feel he can USE a trial to strengthen us when we do go through them. A lot of O.T. thinking is still alive today, in that God did allow things to occur, Job's situation, for example...

    But since we are under the new covenant, the law done away with, satan has been put in his proper place, we as believers have the authority to take control of these situations through Jesus' redemptive blood.

    God is good, the devil may try to bring an attack on me, but since I am in Jesus, the Holy Spirit resides within me, I overcome the attacks of the evil one. It gets tough sometimes, my own repair business has experienced a sharp down-turn because of this current economic situation...
  4. @Maverick

    Welcome to the forum and give God the glory for all He has done for you.
  5. I hear you ..I gyess we alll think that way ..but I believe that god works thru all things good and Bad ..God does live inside us
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  6. @Maverick
    Sorry for taking so long in welcoming you Brother Maverick.
    Be welcome and I'm glad that you have made yourself at home here at Talk Jesus.
    Thank-you for sharing of yourself in your postings.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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  8. Thank you ..I hope they can help someone. .
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  9. Rest assured. They do brother!
  10. Hello Rick welcome to Talk Jesus forums. Hope the community blesses you brother.
  11. Hi ..just wanted to say a little something ..your rigth good is of God..if there is something good in your life it is of God..because all good things come from him ..there is no fear in perfect Love that is what God is all about ..if you live it will understand it .
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