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God will send my help

There was a flood coming and a car came and asked this man if he needed a ride to a safe place. He said, " No, God will send my help." It rained some more 'till it was up to his porch, a small boat came by and they asked, "would you like a ride to a safer place?" The man answered, "No, my God will send help." The rain kept coming by this time the man was up on his roof. A helicopter came by and asked do you need some help? The man answered again, "No, my God will send my help."
The rain kept coming, the man drowned, died and went to heaven, when he got there he asked God, "Father, why didn't you send me help?" God replied, "I sent you a car, a boat and a helicopter!
Ha, Ha, We should all look for God's help a little more carefully because it does not always come with great big shouts, sometimes it is more like whispers. But ya' know the helicopter would have been a shout to me
(i think) Love in Christ, Amber.