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God the Father

God is the origin of all life.

In fact, God is life.

God has always existed.

Therefore life has always existed

because God is the origin of life.

God did not create Himself.

Therefore God did not create life.

It always existed.

Because God always existed.

God is a Spirit.
John 4-24 :God is a Spirit:

The Spirit of Life.

God did not create Himself.

Therefore God hence the Spirit of Life has always existed.

Therefore God is the origin of all life.

Note*** There are no dead spirits.

God did not make Himself come alive.

Is God the Father of all spirits?
Welcome to our great Forum Talk Jesus. Glad to have you....Yes, God is the Father of all good spirits. He is the Creator of all the living. Some spirits rebelled against YHWH and He cast them into chains and on the earth. He is not their Father as we know Him.
is alive
and has alway
been alive.

Therefore life has always been
therefore it was never created.

God who is life and was always alive
did not create Himself
which is life.

Not only did life have
no beginning it has no end.

It always was and is and is to come.

God did not create the life that
was and is and is to come within Him.

It has always been.

God is the origin of all life.

Now where do you think
that life came from?

It came from life.

The life of God.

God is life!

To all those who say God created life.

To create anything would mean that it did not exist

before it was created.

Now we all know God has always existed.

Therefore if you believe God created life then

you have to believe that there was no life till God created it.

That would mean you have to believe God had no life.

Not even in Him.

Not till He created it.

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