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God the Author.......

Many of you know I have a passion and desire for writing. over the last few years I have been writing devotonal short stories. many of them I have posted in forums here on the site. When I first came to Christ I asked God to give me a purpose to where I can minister his word and give back something to him. I wanted to feel a part of some sort in ministry. God started using me through writing even though I have always as a small child desired to be an Author a childhood dream so to speak. I wrote many things growing up none has been published nor was I saved but the very Talent God had given me as a child was already in the works to do his will. I didn't know what my calling was till 4 yrs ago at a well known Evangelist confrence Ihad went to. God showed me that I would Evangelize but he told me not in the way they do. (Talking about the Evangelist.)
I grew even more onfire to serve him and speak his word. I ministered at youth meetings at other Churches and even spoke at our own church. I have taught Childrens Church and Sunday school. Yet I was still not quite where God had planned me to be in the ministry . Over the Last two yrs. I have been writing short devotional stories God has given me. Mainly when I have been out in his creation he would use his very creation to minister to me. One thing I have learned about ministry is not only are you ministering to others your ministering to your very own spirit as well. If I am correct I have been apart of Talk jesus for over a yr. now. maybe its already has been two yrs. but since my writings began I have been involved here on this site.
God had led me to start threads of my Stories and devotionals here. this is where I have grown in my ministry. I have written one finished book which is still being edited and have started a second book. All the stories I have written for my book I have posted here. God used this very site for me to grow in wisdom and to recieve the encouragement from everyone that has posted a responce to my stories. It built me up in confidence and inspired me to continue to write. a week ago I was feeling kinda down because I hadnt had anything published and felt stell in the ministry department . I began to pray Lord I really need to see this gift you have given me be put in use and published to where I can see my dream come to pass. I just want to serve you all the way not just part of the way its not to glorify my name but your own. I left it at the Fathers feet he knew my heart and desires. Yesterday I recieved a Letter from a Christian Newspaper in my local home town. They are very interrested in publishing my stories in their paper! I have sent off the first story which will be published in the next issue. Granted its not a big paper or huge Christian magizine but you know it is a door that has been open to me to fulfill my dream to be an author for the Lord! Hallelujah! God is awesome!
I want you all to know something though I could not have gotten this far if it wasnt for this site and all of you that has posted to my stories. you kept me inspired to continue to write and never give up. Some of you have been mentors to me and those of you know who you are because I cant go with out telling you how dear you are to me. But see it was God who gave me the stories I just was the hands he used to type them out. He is the true Author of all my work and most of all he is the Author of my dreams coming to pass. I just wanted to share this with you and to say Thank you to all who do read and post to my stories Thank you ! I love you all And pray that the Lord blesses you in your ministry and your personal lives. your sister in Christ Jesus forever
That is wonderful beginnings forever, congradulations, and glory to God!
Continue to pour out as He pours in! (a wonderful Word from the Lord someone else gave to me a few months ago) There may be dry times, and from my experience, thats more like a definate, but when Christ draws you aside, remember He is your source, stay focused on Him, and let memories of these times of refreshing quench your thirst while you go thru them!
God bless you forever :)
It is sooo exciting to hear that God has opened this door for you!! Please let us know what happens as God leads you into this new opportunity. Although it may not be some "big paper or huge Christian magazine" it is still where God wants you to start. Be encouraged with this scripture
Matthew 25:21 "His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' " BE BLESSED!!