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God The Artist

sitting out by the beach at suset is really a blessing,the waves crashing against the shore, tiny shells bathed in white bleached sand and the sunset out on the water orange,pink,and a soft baby blue.as if the sun is sinking down in the ocean to be swallowed up by the deep blue water, i can sink my feet in the sand and sit with my arms holded around my legs letting the wind blow through my hair, i think of how GOD created all this beauty he spoke it and it was. just as we are here he formed us in the womb, gazing out over the water i think of how god knew how tto position the moon in right order to move the tides, and how he carefully colored the sky, i can only imagen him there with a paint brush in hand carefully stroking the right colors blending them so evenly, i often think of jonah when im by the sea and how he ran from god,and then repented and did what god wanted, we so many times run from him and he always is there to pick us back up, and send us back on the right track. all that god has given us and yet we fear to do some of the things he asks, funny how god ministers to me through his creation, a simple thought of his beauty can bring a wonderful revelation to me. i love you GOD and pray you continue to bless me with your beauty . amen:wilted_ro
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