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Abortion: It is one of the evils prevails in the communities There is a woman namely Mrs.Santhos who came to the Lord from Sikh background and she became strong believer of the Christ, her husband and still two children were remain the same religion. With a lot of opposition in the family and relatives she was regular attending worship with good spirit. Praise God she had children about 13 yrs a girl and 16 yrs boy but unexpectedly she was again conceived.Her son and her husband was showing a lot of opposition to bring forth a baby in other words both of them are advising her to go for abortion. She brought this case to me and my wife we counseled her to have faith on Jesus who can change the situation and you would have baby sure and certain and doing abortion is sin (Ps.139) she was so much convinced and convicted. All three of us prayed with fasting to change the mind of sister Santos husband and her son. By His grace the Lord changed their mind after long struggle and she had given twin babies Praise God . Now they had four children but what happened older son who was 16 yrs was died suddenly due to some physical problem and her 13yrs a girl who also died because of stomach problem. But the two children who were twins living with their parents healthy.
Now they are both of them 17yrs and their mother also died and she left beyond 2 children and her husband. Her husband now is slowly coming to the Lord and children are interested to attend church as well Please pray for them.
Praise God!!! is it not God's Plan for her life!!!!! God predestined everything!!!!!!!!!

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