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God provided my new job..

Dear brothers and sisters,

I was offered a job!! I want to share this joyous answer to prayer because the trial was not easy.

I had to close my business last July 2004 because of financial reasons. I almost chose to draw money whenever I needed to for personal living but chose to become incorporated and receive a regular paycheck along with my employees. Because of this I qualified for employment insurance.

My wife Hazel is blessed with a wonderful job at Stanford University and asked me to take a month off and just breath for a few weeks and then decide what I wanted to do next. In October I was hired to train and be certified as an Independent Contractor and provide education services. After my employment insurance ran out in January 2005 I did not have success with my marketing efforts and did not earn any money. Our budget started to become tight and we were watching every deutch, pound, peso, and dollar. lol!

I chose to go on an aggressive job search despite the bay area being tight on job openings.

Please know that as a God fearing man I kept Jesus in the center despite my job search and finances. I laid this job search prayer at His feet;

Lord, I love you very much! Thank you for who you are, your almighty purpose and plan, for including me with this brand new day! I desire to seek you first as my God, your Kingdom of Heaven, and your righteousness, and desire to pick up my cross and continously follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior! I desire to exalt you first, love you first, love my brothers and sisters
including the IRS, lol! Send me, use me, speak to my heart for I am listening, please tell me what to do and say during that time and moment. I accept your will, not mine, be done when you bless me with my next job. Please bring my next employer and me together for your purpose that I may be a witness, a representative of Jesus Christ for your advancement of your Kingdom of Heaven, in Jesus name, amen!

At that moment I decided to trust and have faith in God.

Then the discipline of faith took place. No replies to my resumes. Friday at 500pm rolled and still no calls. I had to wait till Monday to continue my job search. The budget was getting tight and desired to give God His portion on Sunday. At night my flesh felt anxious, so I would read and meditate on Philippians 4:4-9. Then I would put on my guitar and sing praises! And glorify God for just being our God! Wooohooo!

God was saying to my heart that He wanted all of me to worship Him, exalt Him and the job and finances were secondary!

Then two weeks ago I got my first interview! I was excited! The interview went great! But a week later the employer decided to scratch all the interviews and start over again! I felt a setback and it stung because I felt it was the perfect job! I snapped out of it and focused on God. It was hard but God helped me to move on!

At this point I am feeling the peace and calm of our Father and just continued to exalt Him first and sing praises to magnify Him in the most high! I could sleep at night. I still did not have a job and now the budget, tax time, is setting in.

Then last week I received invitations from two companies for interviews. They both went great! I gave thanks to God for the opportunity to interview but would not fret! I went into a quiet time one afternoon and just listened and could feel God inside me. No audible, but His presence! oooooh. Such a wonderful feeling, I could feel God saying get ready, Bob.

Then next morning I received a call from one of the companies apologizing for the short notice but if I could come in two hours for another interview with the vice president. I was there and the interview went great! The general manager and vice president asked me to wait outside for a few minutes. They called me back in and offered me the job!! The first thing I did in my mind was thank God but had to compose myself because they could almost see my eyes getting misty! lol! I accepted their offer and we shook hands.

When I got home I called Hazel and told her I had good news when she got home that evening but she forced me to tell her over the phone! So I told her and when she got home we gave thanks to our Father that evening.

I hope my testimony to you will give hope to those of us that are still looking for work. I struggled with being still and there were moments when I lost hope too. People around me were getting hired and though I was happy for them, Praise God, I was wondering about my opportunity. God is a prayer God but He is an answering prayer God. He wants all of me all the time, not just when I am in need, brothers and sisters. It was my time and I am grateful. I hope you can also stand firm in your job search and please know that God knows best the right job for you. In His time. Trust Him.

Your servant in Christ Jesus.
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Bob, I am soooooo Happy for you!!!! But don't forget to visit us here still....Know that God will continue to be you. Thanking Jesus with you.
That's awesome Bob.

Praise God! Just when you think your life is going downhill, God pulls you out of that deep end!
I really loved your testimony Bob! It brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I are struggling right now and it seems like every which way we go, something financial always happens. I have put all of my trust in GOD and I know that he will carry us through! The old me would have probably been ready to literally commit suicide. God shed that old skin when I was baptized about 7 wks ago. I see hope even in the darkest hours. I know HE is with me because this too will pass. I am currently in school trying to become certified in Medical Coding. I need a job that I can stay home with my two children, at least until my youngest is older so that I can finish college for a teaching degree. The funny thing is that just yesterday when I was teaching my Wed. night class at church with the 4 & 5 yr. olds, the other teacher asked how school was going and I told her. She then told me that she knew these ladies that had started their own Medical Coding business a few years back and how it took off. She then informed me that she would talk to them about me and see if they might hire me after I finish my courses. My mom says that this is just the beginning! My husband and I are paying our dues right now, struggling financially and emotionally with in-law issues, but I am OK with that. I feel like God wants me to learn something right now and become a responsible adult making responsible decisions that he would approve of. I know financially that we will not be in this place forever, this is all temporary. What I am trying to say is that I put all of my faith in God because I know at the lowest times in my life, he is carrying me. I will not just give him praise when things are going great but when things are going bad also. Those little obstacles are blessings in disguise. It seems after you get through them and you can look back on them, you realize what GOD wanted you to learn from experiencing them. Thank you so much for your story. It has been uplifting. Please pray for me and my family! Praise be to GOD ALMIGHTY! ~~Lani
This is awesome!

I enjoy your writing, Bobinfaith, as well as Praise God for your example and the outcome!!!

Hi Bobinfaith,

I've just read your Job-testament and I think it blessed me as much as it did you.

The Lord reminded me again to be still and no that He is Lord. When I started worshipping and praising Him before the Computer this week He returned on two occasions in the Anointing, Hallelujah.

I was also reminded that, "Be still and know that He is lord!" always has with it action, something is about to happen! To me His Presence means ACTION, (Yet the mind wanders!). His Power manifests itself with something happening,

People wanting to be saved!

People being Healed.

People being drawn into working for the Lord and Loving it, Hallelujah!!!!!!

In this case I am reminded of Paul and his reference to, "The worker deserves his wages." [Paul,1Tim.5:18 NIV.].

So Bob,

"The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,

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