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GOD Loves Us All!

GOD Loves Us All!

GOD loves us all, and will always be a friend to us. But if we do not except HIM or communicate with HIM in our daily lives, then it is the same as ignoring HIM, we are pushing HIM aside or away from us. Thus causing us to loose that friendship with HIM. Meaning; to keep our friendship with The Almighty GOD, not only should we obey HIS Word, but also talk with HIM (through Prayer) often, the more the better, HE likes it. Why? Because your excepting HIM not only in your every day life but as a family member, too. The Almighty GOD wants our attention! But because HE is The Almighty GOD - HE does expect our full attention & expects us to put HIM first in life - because being our Creator HE knows what's best for us all. But nonetheless HE will not force anyone to worship & obey HIM. That is our choice! But HE does make sure we understand the consequences of being good or bad. And from my experiences in life itself - being bad has some serious & sometimes dangerous consequences.
And besides how should we treat such a friend that only wants the very best for us? Do we push HIM aside or away from us? No! Of course not! Instead we let HIM into our life, forever! *genesis!