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God is ...

NOT dull or boring so why are there so many people that have no oomph when talking about God?!?! I've spoke with people about God that have been reading his word for years & if I didn't know any better I would think the God they read about is on life support ready to pass away any minute.

No stank on it, no kicker, no zing, Bing, bam nothing... he CREATED humor, happiness, joy, love, contentment & everything that has a soul spring into action. Could it be the thrill is gone for some people? Has God become lifeless in their faith? God gives me chills, smiles appear out of nowhere because of him. I'm like a birthday girl looking at a floor of huge gifts.

What is with the elder Christians... the seniority Faith having servants of God? Stuck in their ways not wanting any spice added to the word of God, that is why I never liked attending church as a kid. It was so boring & if yawn the entire time. The pastors would never change their tone while preaching EVER no matter what the sermon was. This guy healed the blind, walked on water, raised the dead & that's the best way we can sound when talking about him??!! Whaawhawhaaaawhawhahhaawha. Like the teacher on the Peanuts...

My God is to be shouted about, smiled about, cry tears of joy for his gift of forgiveness.

He's just awesome - that's the least I can say ... I pray everyone hops up & feels this love high he's poured on me!!! Get excited!!!
One of the reasons you are seeing these kinds of things is that there comes a time in a person life that what they have been "hoping" for comes to pass, and when that happens it is like partaking from the tree of life. If what they have been hoping for never comes, then they become "spiritually sick" to where they just give up, and their expectations they once had leaves them high and dry. No oomph. and dull in their Christianity. It was never God's intention to promise us something with out that promise being fulfilled in this life. Learning from the scriptures reveals how we are to go about getting our hopes fulfilled. If we do not know how this works then we will wind up like them. The word "deferred" means taking to long, or postponed

Pro 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.
@LordKnows Natural age is a factor, but the amount natural or physical years we have attended a church building or have read the Bible is no guarantee that we are there with the Lord now or are even ready to be. For many years after receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, I leaned too much on my own understanding instead of on His. Finally seeing no advance in myself I quit on Him. Don't ever do that!

What you have and what you feel of Him that is good... hold on to it. But if you for a season seem to feel nothing also hold it to Him anyway.

Some have developed habits of attending and even of reading the Bible, but without really connecting with Him. Perhaps this is what you have sometimes seen in others. Pray for them and hold you tongue unless you are certain God wants you to speak to them about it.

How often do we need to connect with our Lord? Daily and then some! Remember what the Apostle Paul wrote?

"Pray without ceasing" I Thess 5:17

"Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice." Phil 4:4

Those two verses are asking us to do the impossible, but is anything impossible for God in us?