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God is on the hill

by Frank Lee Jennings

The Dogwoods bloom in spring
and God is on the hill
I see him in the blossoms there
my eyes drink in their fill

He’s in the river valley too
when birds are on the wing
then soft spring nights with fallen dew
that covers everything

The newborn young of all his beasts
cling to their mother’s side
and cry the cry of infant things
with mouths all open wide

Young green leaves leap from the bough unfurling glory new
their seasoned life starts passing now so wasted moments few

And man reborn of grace and blood
of Jesus whom they killed
is like the spring when life is new
and God is on the hill

He rose from death just as He said
for death He'd also made
it held no threat nor power nor fear
and neither did the grave

He died for us and rose for us
so all creation sings
the praises of Almighty God
who gave us everything