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God is Good

Hi Fuzzy

Yep God is Good, we have an AWESOME God

Welcome to Talk Jesus.

God bless.
hello Fuzzy,
It was good chattn with you. In my mind I find it difficult to place hope in finding usefull fellowship in a chat room, or in a post for that matter, but I do want to be usefull to Jesus my Lord. And I have found encouragement in the forums, posts, and chat here. There are constant exhotations, comforts, and scriptures talked up, and my attention has been drawn to Malachi 3:16 as ground for hope that transends what my mind casts up as doubts. May God bless you brother and make you fruitfull as you continue in his service.
"To God be the glory, great things he has done..." ...DGB
Staff Member
Welcome brother GOD bless you :) Thank you for joining us.

GOD is everything Awesome!