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God in your hands?

I was helping a student with a math problem and it came to me so clearly as I was counting.

Well, do you ever wonder why we use a base 10 number system (0-9). Sometimes we think
that numbers have to be that way but there are other base systems that we could have adopted
like a base 2 number system(Binary 0s and 1s). Or even a base 16 number system like hexadecimal
commonly used in many computer programming languages or for HTML color palettes.

Well for me it just points to God's wonderful design. We use based 10 simply because we have
10 fingers and it makes counting so much easier. Isn't that just awesome that God in his wisdom
give us 10 fingers from which our number system is based.

If for example we would have had 8 fingers on each hand , 8+8=16, then we would be using a
base 16 number system as our standard instead of the pretty awesomely cool(in my opinion) base
10 system that we use now.

It's unfortunate that so many people think all this happened by chance.

Stay blessed by friends.