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God has an answer for everything

I once had a counseling session with a man about his inability to find the right woman for him . He said to me , you are a pastor . If God is real , then he will provide a way to make my problem go away . I assured him that God made a way out for everyone who seeks his provisions . He sat there and told me that there is no way god can change his problems . I said , try him ,you will be shocked at all God has done for us . He started telling me his problems . He said , you can see I wiegh 500 pounds , I smell like a chicken coop , and my teeth are so bucked , I bite my chin till it bleeds just eating dinner ! Furthermore , I have to let the dogs in out of the rain just to keep people from smelling my breath ! Now , with all these problems i have , what provision did God make to change this ! I was stunned . I prayed for God to tell me what he did to change this man . Just then , I got it ! I told the man to get up , go to the highest building in town , and jump head first into the pavement . and then before you know it , God promised he would give you a new body ! lol Brother Mike . PS = it is only a joke !

As I was reading it I was thinking is this real? ----until you got to the unbelieveble parts

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