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God drive my life

Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I made a post. Will you pray for me?

I'm praying for direction in life, I'm praying that my faith in God grows deeper and that I should hold on to His words no matter what! I just have to believe! I pray that whatever I put in prayer I should believe! My ups and downs are caused by not having to hold on to God's words consistently. This is my weakness. I do feel bad about this. But I pray for the time of consistency, of maturity of being a Christian.

At this point I even isolated myself from people, from going out the house and work. I've also missed church lately. I've been avoiding people, because this change in my life that seems getting worse. I don't know what happened, but what I'm sure of because it is written in the bible is that all are sinners and everyday is a new day in Christ and all can be saved, tax collectors and prostitutes can be saved as long as forgiveness is asked. I pray for God's forgiveness for my sins.

I pray that I'd be helping out my parents in earning money doing
chores or whatever aspect for real by moving and finding ways to help always.

I pray that I should understand that no one is perfect, and that I shouldn't be afraid to fail and be intimidated to be thankful and express or make use of whatever skills / opportunities God has given me.

I pray that my friends would understand and forgive me for having failed them and not being there for them this last days of our thesis because I'm already tired, really, I came to a point that I could no longer move or do anything about it. I keep saying that I gave my best, I believe I did, and I say its the time for them to step up. If they hate me I understand, but I've reached the limit and I really can't do anything.

A lot has change having met Jesus, it's for the best reasons because God is good and all His plans are for the best. I'm feeling lost as of this point, but that's just a feeling, right everyone? I feel like the worst Christian ever because I can't keep myself intact with God always. It comes up to my mind at times that maybe I'm destined to be doomed and I'm a hard headed sinner. Or am I being a perfectionist? paranoid? I shouldn't worry right? Is there someone out there who can relate to what's happening to me?

Please pray for me... Thank you in advance and God Bless you always.
His name is Emmanuel. Shalom!

Hi nico

You are not alone in your struggles,God has already known this and He do care.i know because He made me to keep you in my prayers and last night told me to contact you today.glad to see your prayer request.
will pray for you more and hope talk to you soon.

at this moment pls HOLD ON TO what you know is right (from the Bible,such as Php4:8[NIV]"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." AND 2Tim2:22 "Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. )and His Spirit is in you who's willing to instruct you (Psalm32:8 "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.")


your sis in Christ, Krystal
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You can't do it alone, none of us can.

Q: When God is for you & on your side, who can defeat you?
A: nothing & nobody

Seek God's face, ask for His help & God will give you His shield of victory.

When we are weakest, God's help & strength cover the gap.

Remember: It's NEVER hopeless with God.

I am praying for you.
God Loves You!

I have been where you are and I know that sometimes when we pray we feel no response from God but he there anyway. He knows every thought you think, every pain you feel. He knows and he understands you better than you understand yourself because he made you.

Remember you fearfully and wonderfully made and God loves you just the way you are. No one understands the dark times but God.

Sometimes he allows us to feel the darkness and aloneness but we know from God's word that he will never leave us or forsake us.

Remember God loves you! I will pray for you! God answers prayer.

Praise God! He loves us so very much we have no idea how much he loves us!:angel-animated:
Many thanks

Thank you for your prayers everyone, for listening and for caring. I'm patiently waiting for His orders... God Bless You Always...

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