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Glory to God

Glory to God

Glory to you Father of uncomprehendable love
Glory to you Eternal life for you are Christ
Glory to you Comforter of this life, Holy Ghost
Thanks be to you Father for your most holy Son
Thans be to you Jesus from your cross victory is won
Thanks be to you Comforter till your work on earth is done
Three seperate, yet all in one
Each with a purpose each with a goal
All with love for all human life
All with the heart to end all strife

But what of this world we live in?
All battered and bruised all full of sin
Yes, what of this world, what of the cost?
To redeem it we say what would be lost?
In times of old the blood of the best animal would do
But what of this world all sick with shame?
what of this world and all that remain?
Times have changed and the cost became great
The wages of sin can seal one fate

There is a life one never knew
A life of joy and happiness too
A life were True Love is first in charge
And strenght and mercy are His gaurds
A life were sin has no place
A life eternal forever more
For all who seek the open door
This life is Jesus the Son of God
The redeemer
The Saviour
With eyes of love that shine so true
As He calls to me and you
Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life
You see, the Father sent His Son to die
So that He may commune with you and I
The choice is yours to have this life
Or be in the world and its strife

Yes to Jesus, but what of this world!

Given by the Lord while i was in bed very sick with the flu
February 15, 2003