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Glory Be to God

I want to know how can I seek to heal old wounds?

  • With Christ? Correct but how do I allow God to heal me when it hurts so bad?

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  • How can I heal walking in past pain?

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Good morning wonderful people of God. My name is Landon from the UK and I just wanted to express how this is indeed a blessing to be apart of such a wonderful worldwide outreach. I have three beautiful children two boys one girl and I am currently a phlebotomy trainer and student. I have two wonderful parents and a loving fiance. I am also a minister ordained in 2005. Please don't hesitate to converse with me so we can walk this road together. Amen
I want to know how can I seek to heal old wounds?

What ever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Some of the most needful people are the ones who pray for people the most!!
They have learned that if you are in need, then give to others. It is for sure a spiritual law that works every time.

Oops, I forgot, welcome home!