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Glorious living!

Glorious living!


Most of us spend our lives focusing on what we have... until we realise that we're running out of time, then we begin to focus on what we've done. Understand this: when you leave this world your material possessions will be forgotten. The only thing that will stay - is your life's impact! During your lifetime you will directly or indirectly impact the lives of approximately 10,000 other people. The question is, how will you impact them? Money, or the lack of it, does not necessarily determine your life's impact. People with fat fortunes have lived, died and made little or no difference. Other people, totally skint but full of vision, have done what Jesus said when He prayed 'your will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.'

At the end of a life well lived the Apostle Paul wrote, '...I have finished my course...' (2 Timothy 4:7 NIV). Having said that he handed the ministry over to Timothy, walked to the executioner's chopping block and was relieved of his duties. Yet his impact is greater now than ever. He writes: '[God]. . . had designs on us for glorious living...' What kind? Living with impact! Not just making a living but making a difference!

In the movie Forest Gump, Tom Hanks plays a character with disabilities, both physical and mental. By following wise advice he goes on to achieve some incredible things. You know what? You have within you huge potential for achieving incredible thing. God's given you a gift. Believe it. Discover it. Develop it. Cherish it. Use it. Give it. That's glorious living!
All Time We Must Be Praying To Have Eagle Eyes.
I Wish Jesus Give Us Different View Of All The Things That Should Come Over Us, We Must Look Things, Exactly Like Jesus Look.
The Secret Is His Word Bible Is The Secret.
His Word Is A River Of Power !

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