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Giving to God, EX 25:1-27:19 (on freewill oferings)

Preview: "Giving to God" EX 25:1-27:19 (on freewill offerings)

PARASHA: "TERUMAH" (offerings, contributions)

EXODUS 25:25:1-27:19 ......................1 KINGS 5:12-6:13..............MATTHEW 5:33-37

In this week's Parasha, we see the financing and gathering of materials for the Mishkan (Tabernacle) Adonai says to "take an offering for me from everyone whose heart whose heart stirs him to give" This is a "freewill offering" nothing forced upon the people,

Adonai wants gold, silver, bronze, fabric, precious stones, etc. If we remember, Israel received all those materials back in Egypt when they left, so, one could say that the Egyptians financed the building of the House of God. Here we have a few million Israelites in the wilderness carrying around all these things, What are they going to do with them? it is like you and me on a deserted island in the ocean, with a wallet full of money, where are you going to spend the money? what good is it to us? No good at all!. so what is Israel going to do with all the gold and silver? Acacia wood? fabric? precious stones? spices? incense? God has a great idea.

Since I AM going to live among you, then build me a house! makes perfect sense. So everyone responds, later we learn that the giving was so much that Moshe had to say "Stop giving already" we have enough! So the blueprints are drawn up for construction to begin. Sounds like modern times, you want something built, get the money first, get the blueprints, and then the materials, then build. So we now see the articles that will go inside the Mishkan, (The Tabernacle) the House that YHVH will live to fellowship with HIS people.

1. HaARON HA KODESH (The Ark of the Covenant) made of acacia wood overlaid with gold. How does this symbolize Yeshua our Messiah? The wood symbolizes the "humanity of Messiah Yeshua, who was both "man" and "God" this wood is very tough and strong, a hardwood, It reminds us of the "cross of Calvary" where Messiah took upon all of our sins, It reminds us of his profession, he was a carpenter before beginning his ministry, and worked with wood. The gold reminds us of his holiness, his perfection, his purity,

the Aron HaKodesh was overlaid with gold both inside and out. The priest could see the outside of the Ark, but the inside was hidden, It reminds us of our holiness, people can see our outward appearance, but only God can see our inward self, if we are holy outside, are we the same inside? how are we behind doors? when we are alone in our cars? Do we behaive the same when we are alone? or does our language change? are we being honest with ourselves? with Adonai? or just who do we think we are fooling if not? or are we "gold" outside and "junk metal" inside? only you can answer that question

2. THE TABLE OF SHOWBREAD: also made of acacia wood overlaid with gold, also symbolizes Yeshua, both as man and as God, his humanity and his Holiness as both God and man. The table was for "bread of the presence" 12 loaves of bread that would be always on the table, before the presence of Adonai. 12 loaves representing the 12 tribes of Israel, and reminding us of "Yeshua the Bread of Life"

3. THE LAMPSTAND: (The Mennorah) made of pure gold, with 7 branches, "7" being the perfect number, this would be the only source of light inside the tabernacle, the "pure gold" reminds us of who Adonai is, "pure holiness and perfection" and Yeshua who is the "Light of the world" he also told his talmidim (disciples) "Ye are the light of the world" so, WE TOO, are to be "lights" in dark places, reflecting HIS holiness, and sharing, teaching HIS WORD, to those who will listen.

4. THE CURTAINS AND PLANKS for the tabernacle itself, were made of wood, and fine linen of purple, blue, and scarlet yarn. The colors symbolizing, "royalty" (purple) "heaven" (blue) and "the blood" (scarlet) tells us Yeshua's ministry, the "coming KING, who came from HEAVEN, to shed his BLOOD, for our sins. The tabernacle was an enclosed area, to"separate" the common Israelites from the priests, it reminds us of "separation" of the clean from the unclean, the righteous from the unrighteous, evil from good, rebellion from repentance,

5. THE BRAZEN ALTAR: made of acacia wood overlaid with "bronze". This would be for the sacrificing of animals, there would be a grill inside, so, we can imagine it like a huge 7 foot BBQ pit, "bronze" symbolizes "judgment" the symbolism here is "Yeshua" who is represented by the acacia wood, is being "judged" for our sins, in the fires of judgment, the animals being clean and without blemish, symbolize Yeshua, but the blood of these animals could only "cover" sins, but Yeshua's sacrifice "erased" "blotted out" out sins, forever, we are forgiven, but we have to accept his forgiveness personally.
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ________________

1 KINGS 5:12-6:13

Here we see King Soloman, who built the first Temple, His father David, had the desire and the ideas, and he was given credit for that, but it was Soloman who built it. We each have a job to do in our life in Messiah Yeshua, the jobs may be different, but they all give glory to God. Some are called to make up blueprints, come up with ideas, others are called to put those ideas together, and still others are called to carry out those ideas. Rav Shaul (Paul) was called to preach, Barnabas was called to support Paul, Soloman also provides employment for thousands of workers, a lot of work to do, for the glory of Adonai.

Today, the temple where Adonai resides is in our own bodies, he lives within us in the form of the Holy Spirit, and he makes himself known when we come together as a Kehilah (congregation) to worship and learn through teaching.
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ________________

MATTHEW 5:33-37

Yeshua teaches here, that we should not promise things using "oaths" or "swearing to.."
like many are accustomed to doing, "I swear to God that I'll pay you back by......" or "On my mother's grave, I swear that I'll care for you for ever......" Yeshua says NO, don't do this, how do we know the future? when we use God's name in promises and do not follow through, then we are taking his name in vain, but you say, "I plan to follow through" oh yeah? what make you think you will live to see that day? do you when that day will be? the day of your going home to meet Yeshua in person? it could be "before you follow through with your "oath"

So he says, "just say "yes" or "no" and leave it at that. Better yet, a good answer is, "I'll try to do my best to help you out" or "If the LORD permits, I'll do it" always taking into account the "perfect will of Adonai" in your life.

Shabbat Shalom...................Rabbi Ben Avraham

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