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giving this a try.

hello fellow believers. Im Carl, and im new here still learning my way around this website.

I came here because I just felt in my spirit to get online and type in talk jesus and this came up. I look forward to many conversations and threads about our God and Christ, which I ultimately hope will lead us all to increase of faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Ive always known God, but I can say I have not always respected him. These past couple of years I feel God has been putting me thru somethings in order to get me to realize I cant endure this life on my own but instead I need to put faith in him. Ive reach some points that I thought I was at a dead end and I can truly say we serve a great God, who I know will always be there for us. Well this is just my little intro, I hope to get more in depth with all of you, as we help each other build up our faith.
Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus @ThankfulCarl

Always a joy to welcome another Brother in Christ Jesus to this online Christian Community.
That you may find the fellowship and growth in our Lord that you are seeking.

Once again be welcome.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Welcome glad you found us here, its a good time to renew that relationship with Jesus, he will be here soon !!