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Give me feedback!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chad, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. I would like you all to share your ideas, suggestions and general feedback with me to make Talk Jesus the BEST Christian community board on the net! I am open to all ideas. Just reply to this thread or start a new one in this forum category.
  2. Hey Brother,
    I love the new format and will be getting as many of my friends involved as possible in growing this community.
    Look at the word Community.
    It is all about Christ! Root words are Common and Unity. That which we all have in common, regardless of denomination or lack thereof, is the shed blood of Jesus for the salvation of all. Now, how blessed it is that regardless of our differences, we dwell in Unity!! This is the Place for that and I beleive that our Lord is using technology to bring His church together!! Thank you, Chad, for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and availing your web skills to the bretheren.
    Peace and Blessings,
  3. Only the moderator has access to the Evidence for Jesus forum. I would like to see your ideas... please open the access to everyone.
  4. The RULES forum is moderator-only view.

    I assume you mean it to be moderator-only for POSTING.

    everyone should view it..
  5. Ok I fixed the two problems. Thanks for informing me.
  6. i have noticed something, on the side of our posts, where it shows information about us, it shows " just saved, " Why ??
    i have been saved for many years, as i am sure that people who have names like Pastor... have been saved a long time also,,,
    Just wondering :)
    Walk With Jesus Daily,
    Sleep With Jesus Daily,
    Wake With Jesus Daily,
    Talk With Jesus Daily,
  7. That's just a little fun statement that I put. It basiclly changes depending on number of posts a person makes. For example, 300 posts will say "Daily Bible Reader" or something to that extent. Its just for fun. :)
  8. lol oh ok :) well how many posts do i have to make to change from being *Just Saved* ?? :)


    Walk With Jesus Daily,
    Talk With Jesus Daily,
    Sleep With Jesus Daily,
    Wake With Jesus Daily,
  9. Hi Chad, I have not seen a thread where people can introduce themselves to each other. Thought it might be a good idea so that people could get to know each other. Su
  10. the Shout Box

    When I tried to do the cbox it says I was banned. I hope I didn't post something on there that I shouldn't have.
  11. Borgania...there is one called New Members. Please look carefully.

    Jefferry...what have you done young man? LOL. I checked and your IP is not banned.
  12. i think as good way to make this forum more stronger is having an email address where you can log into, and with it have like an msn messenger type of thing for us members to use.
  13. It's working now. So i don't know what it was.
  14. Hi chad and everyone! I am a new member and am in search of great christian friends. please write me! God loves you!:girl:
  15. when does it allow me to play in the arcade?I am kinda new here and still learning my way around your site.

  16. still learning my way around and not sure how to post replies
  17. Chad,
    I love the new sign..powered by God! Cool :D

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