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Give it all you got

As christians we should give God all we've got. He gives us sooo much and we give Him so little. Follow Him,teach others about Him, love Him,and use our talents for Him,and in other words give all you have to Him. God deserves it. He gives us everything we need. We should tell people about Him. It helps Him. But even when you do something for Him He allways thanks you anyway. So remember next time God asks you to do something "Give it all you got."
Great point HEAVENSOUND ! We as christians should always try to be good examples to others . God gave us all , so we should use it all ! :love: :boy_hug: Brother Mike

very good point, when we are asked by our Lord to work for him we should give it all we have. but this must be first grounded in love, for without His love foe us and our love for Christ then i become nothing but a busy fool, clashing of cymbals and banging of drums instead of making sweet music.

when we live in prayer, when our life is based in love then and only then are we able to work fully as Christ call us to do. as then and only then are our hearts open and able does the true power of the Spirit work through us and for us. for it is then that God take the lead and we become the instruments i His hands working with all the gifts, talents and power He has entrusted to us, in the task He has graced us with.

God bless

We live in His love. He never stop doing good to us. For we are His treasured possession - " Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart.."
I am able to do more than I could possible imagine,through Him.

Jesus died so that we could be reconciled. His death was God ultimate expression of love for us. God gave up everything that He loved to gain our love.

He is waiting for us to give up the cheap things in our lives so that He can give us beautiful treasure. Isn't God good?
Staff Member
Ironic. I've been thinking about the same thing lately. I ask and ask, only because I know the gifts and blessing just cannot get any better than our Creator in Heaven. I love receiving from GOD above anything or anyone else (with no disrespect to what humans give as gifts). Now, I realize its time to really get the motor going in the redline and give back to GOD. I may have been giving back to GOD the entire time, but if I feel I need to get things going more, why not? If GOD has no limit on giving to us, we should have no limit on giving to HIM :)
Hey Christine, nicely said. I totally agree with you. I thought about that a couple days ago. How God gives us everything and stuff and yet, we're too lazy to give anything back. what a coincedence, with you too Chad, that's weird. Well God's awesome, keep up the good work sister, I love you